Alchemy welcomes the customers, partners, and associates of Frameworks Inc.
Alchemy welcomes the customers, partners, and associates of Frameworks Inc.
Alchemy welcomes the customers, partners, and associates of Frameworks Inc.
Alchemy welcomes the customers, partners, and associates of Frameworks Inc.

Drive Improved

Optimize your operations with Ontrack.

Every day your frontline restaurant workers and managers make decisions that impact your bottom line. Do they have the knowledge, tools, and training to make the right decisions when it counts?

The Ontrack restaurant management platform ensures profitable decisions by engaging and investing your workforce in a performance culture to:

  • Improve speed of service
  • Increase transactions
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Safeguard food and workplace safety
Join Us at FSTEC 2016

September 25-27 | Dallas, TX


Alchemy is a proud to be part of the FSTEC mission to "untangle the tech." Alchemy's Ontrack delivers unprecedented cohesion across restaurant platforms to identify and quickly close critical knowledge and performance gaps at every location, every shift.

Optimized Workforce

Confident, knowledgeable workers reach good decisions with continuous learning and consistent, frequent communications. Help your frontline quickly reach that sweet spot of operational excellence.

With Ontrack, knowledge, performance, and communications come together to instill a culture of operational excellence.

The ONtrack Platform
Engage employees with modern learning techniques.
Monitor performance for continuous improvement.
Keep frontline employees up to date.

Establish a learning culture at every location with Ontrack

Today's restaurant workers are 'digital natives' who interact in micro-moments.

They learn best when engaging through interactive simulations, games, friendly competition, virtual rewards, and social networks. Ontrack uses these tools to provide fast and engaging micro-learning interactions and immediately increase frontline performance.

Fully Integrated 360º Onboarding

Tight schedules can make onboarding uneven. Ontrack's learning approach ensures that the performance expectations and standards introduced during orientation continue for the entire employee life cycle. Structured course paths with digital policy signoffs and reviews make orientation complete and keep continuous learning consistent.

Ontrack Learning Path

With Ontrack, we focus on process and procedure in a user-friendly, visually oriented interface to increase retention rates. Learning assets deliver just enough information to provide learners with virtual hands-on practice in a gamified experience that allows them to compete in a real-time peer-to-peer environment.

Knowledge Center

Ontrack's social learning forum is a private, moderated, searchable knowledge database that enables employees to ask product, process, and promotional questions and get the answers they need when they need them.

Anticipate, Track, and Manage Operations with Ontrack

Ontrack's integrated performance management program identifies and manages standardized key performance indicators (KPIs) at every restaurant and provides 'line of sight' for management, owners, and corporate staff regarding individual restaurant performance vs. brand standards, historical results, and peer group.

KPI Benchmarker

Ontrack's KPI Benchmarker enables management to see enterprise-wide, up-to-the-minute data. The application integrates with key data sources, such as point-of-sale, speed-of-service, and guest survey systems, to aggregate and report KPIs automatically.

Procedures Management

Ontrack makes it easy to administer the daily logs, audits and routines necessary to maintain brand standards and manage food and workplace safety. Logs and data are stored electronically for instant retrieval. Plus, Ontrack prescribes any corrective actions necessary to meet standards.


Ontrack's OpsCoach simplifies a manager’s role with a single reference screen for all daily activities and results, so they can stay focused on the right priorities.

Communicate in Real Time with Ontrack

Clear and timely communications keep employees connected to important daily objectives and results. Ontrack's 24/7 Communications function combines digital data streams to provide immediate insight into location performance.


OpsPulse is a digital signage tool providing real-time updates on a restaurant's most important metrics, such as speed-of-service and guest feedback, keeping team members engaged and results-focused every minute of every shift.


OpsLink is a real-time 2-way communications tool that monitors and posts each location's operational metrics and milestones. It also acts as a vehicle for reinforcement of operational standards through polls and quizzes, ensuring heightened worker awareness and engagement to drive continuous improvement.


GuestPulse is real-time survey tool that enables immediate manager follow-up to guest concerns. Survey results automatically upload to OpsLink, OpsPulse, OpsCoach, email, and KPI Benchmarker to ensure information gets shared, measured, and acted upon.


Find out how our solutions can help you optimize your frontline—and improve your bottom line.