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Alchemy is the world’s largest provider of comprehensive food safety programs, helping more than 2 million frontline food workers adhere to stringent food safety standards. We partner with global food safety organizations including SQF, FMI, and BRC to provide learning, communications, and performance programs focused on:

  • Cross contamination
  • Time and temperature control
  • Food storage cleaning and sanitation
  • Equipment cleaning and sanitation
  • Environmental pest control

  • Department-specific food safety
  • Food safety orientation
  • Illness reporting
  • Personal hygiene
  • and more

Our client results include:

45% increse in food safety scores

200% decrease in associate safety hotline calls

97% associate awareness participation

Strengthen food safety with
integrated, multi-touch tools

Ensuring your associates and managers understand and practice the highest food safety standards every day is critical to protecting both your customers and your reputation. Alchemy’s learning, communications, and performance programs deliver state-of-the-industry training, always-on awareness communications, and real-time monitoring and documentation of food safety procedures and corrective actions. View examples of program elements below:

Exclusive SafeMark online training
safe-video1 video button video button over

Web-based SQF training
safe-video1 video button video button over

Team huddle guides

Attention-grabbing posters



Cut Food Handler &
Manager Training Time
In Half

Alchemy’s exclusive FMI SafeMark courses are the key.

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Weis Markets raises food
safety score by 45%

Read how a leading grocery chain increased food safety and improved inspection outcomes.

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