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Every day, from the farm all the way to the table, your front-line workers directly impact product quality, yield and workplace safety. They are the key to protecting people, your profits, and your brand.

Alchemy's comprehensive solution engages front-line workers and their supervisors to:

safe working
safe, quality

The Complete System for Your Safety, Quality and Productivity Needs


Train your front-line with hundreds of customizable courses developed by food industry experts or create your own.

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Maximize productivity, yield and safety by enabling your supervisors to observe, coach and train their front-line employees.

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Use automated reporting to track results. Analyze multiple streams of operational data to predict and drive front-line decisions.

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Reinforce learnings and keep your front-line employees informed on important messages and metrics.

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Focused on the Food Industry


Alchemy’s tailored programs are designed to meet the unique needs of the food industry. Our combination of food industry expertise, front-line worker knowledge, and innovative technologies has enabled us to create best-in-class solutions for:

Food Safety

Implement a food safety program that minimizes risk, meets regulatory & customer needs, and protects your brand.

Workplace Safety

Ensure your front-line workforce stays alert to safety hazards and avoids recordable incidents that lead to injuries and downtime.


Drive consistency and best practices across lines, shifts and plants to maximize product yield, quality, and line productivity.

Human Resources

Integrate your HRIS with our safety and operations solutions to save time and ensure 24/7 audit preparedness.

Optimize Performance with Alchemy Professional Services


Whether you’re trying to meet regulatory requirements, increase performance and productivity, or better utilize Alchemy’s communications platform, we provide expert consultants and comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Food Safety Consulting

Our food safety consultants assist with HACCP/HARPC, GFSI implementation, regulatory compliance, customer requirements.

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Workplace Safety Consulting

Our workplace safety consultants help implement process and communication changes that drive safe operations.

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Operations Consulting

Our operations consultants identify gaps and support improvements that flow right to the bottom line.

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Solution Optimization

Our content and learning experts provide additional resources to build learning plans, develop courses, and create coaching observations.

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