Act Now! Receive State Funds Up to $650,000

Food & Beverage Manufacturers Prioritized to Receive State Funds to Reimburse Training Expenses

The California Employment Training Panel (ETP) will award $120 million this year to help employers offset costs associated to workforce training.

In response to COVID-19, the ETP is prioritizing applications from critical and essential industries as defined by the Governor’s Office, which includes Food Manufacturing, Beverage Manufacturing, and Agriculture. However, once the funds run out…they run out. We can help you apply for the California ETP state funds.

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Must-haves to Maximize Award Amount:

Multiple Training Methods & Centralized Reporting


The maximum award per employer is $650,000 to use over the course of the next two years. Some key elements to get more state funds are using multiple training methods for employees and having clear training records on all activity. Including as many employees as you can in the training program, in their native language, will also be in your favor.

Intertek Alchemy is uniquely positioned to help you receive more state funds. Our training platform includes:

Hundreds of multi-lingual, industry-specific training courses to engage your entire frontline workforce
Flexible platform to deliver eLearning, group training, and instructor-led training
On-the-Job training and coaching apps to deliver and verify job-specific training
Centralized training management platform for digital recordkeeping and instant reporting

This is a perfect opportunity to build a world-class training program and get reimbursed for the cost of the program. With Intertek Alchemy’s courseware and training management platform, you could:

Onboard new hires more efficiently
Reduce accidents & improve work quality
Cross-train employees for career growth & to reduce turnover
Develop supervisors & properly equip team leaders

Dedicated Assistance through Application Process

State funds applications are not fun. The good news is we’re here to help. We’ve assisted numerous clients of all sizes through the process, securing awards ranging from $88,504 to $514,080.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  • Employer must have a presence/facility in California, and must employ residents of California
  • Participating employees must be full-time
  • Participating employees must receive between 8 – 200 hours of training during a 2-year period
  • Participating employees must earn an ETP minimum wage

If you meet these requirements — or if you’re not sure if you meet them — contact us today to work with a California ETP program specialist.

Help Me Get this Cash