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Alchemy Playbook

Say Hello to Alchemy Playbook, and Say Goodbye to Downtime

Create, deliver, and validate job-specific training right on the production floor with Alchemy Playbook. Playbook also tracks the job qualifications of your employees, so you can quickly find a qualified worker for any job in your facility.

Watch this Video to see how Playbook puts the collective knowledge, skill, and expertise of every employee in the palm of your hand:

SAY HELLO to these capabilities:

  • Create job-specific training right on the floor using video, photos, quizzes, and more
  • Deliver on-the-job training that’s accurate and consistent
  • Instantly see which employees are qualified to perform a certain task
  • Easily cross-train employees to build a deep bench of skilled workers

SAY GOODBYE to these headaches:

  • Downtime from unexpected employee absences
  • Struggling to find a qualified worker when needed
  • Overflowing paper SOP binders
  • Bad practices spreading throughout facility from unqualified on-the-job training

Alchemy Playbook is now available! Schedule a demo today to see first hand how Alchemy Playbook will revolutionize your operations.

“Playbook instantly solves the struggles we’ve had – that every manufacturer has – for years. It will revolutionize your business.”

—  James Hatch, Operations Training Manager, Idahoan Foods

Playbook is compatible across all major platforms.

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