ISO 45001 Consulting with Safety Experts

We’ve benefited greatly from Intertek Alchemy’s guidance on our ISO implementation journey. They are always there when needed.
— Pete Wilson, ISO Implementation Manager, Tillamook
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ISO 45001 is a global standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) that enables organizations to create a better work environment for all employees, while reducing injuries and illnesses.

As an Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider, Intertek Alchemy’s occupational health & safety consultants take the stress out of ISO 45001 certification. With a custom approach to your operations, we help ensure ISO 45001 compliance.

Intertek Alchemy’s ISO 45001 Consulting Services:

Benefits of ISO 45001 Consulting from Intertek Alchemy:

  • Improve hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Reduce injuries and near misses
  • Increase productivity with fewer work stoppages
  • Reduce costs associated with incidents and insurance premiums
  • Apply ISO best practices to improve OSHA compliance readiness
  • Improve worker morale and retention through systematic safety management

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Our consultants can also help integrate multiple ISO standards together, ensuring they are effectively coordinated for consistency and eliminating redundancies.

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