Lean Manufacturing Training for a Fast Path to Higher Profitability

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Your path to higher profitability from lean manufacturing is now easier with the new premium library from Intertek Alchemy. This library includes 10 eLearning courses, plus a substantial Resource Guide to help you get started. Your leaders will learn from content created in consultation with a continuous improvement expert who implemented lean initiatives at several companies, producing over $40 million in savings.

  • Increase production efficiency with process changes
  • Reduce waste, lower costs, and help the environment
  • Learn real-world, practical approaches provided by a proven industry expert
  • Accelerate the time to benefits with the helpful Resource Guide

Ready to Go Lean and Save?

These 10 courses will get you there. They are ideal for managers/supervisors, continuous improvement professionals, and lean team members.

  • ABCs of Lean
  • Categories of Waste
  • Documenting Activities — Value Stream Mapping, Workflow Diagrams
  • Examining Data — Spreadsheets, Pareto Charts, Five Why’s
  • Identifying Solutions — Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams
  • Identifying Solutions — Kaizen, PDCA
  • Implementing Solutions — Kanban, Performance Management Boards
  • Implementing Solutions — Line Balancing, Takt Time, Pull Systems, Changeovers
  • Implementing Solutions — Workplace Organization
  • Verifying Solutions — Standardization, Audits
  • The Alchemy of Lean Final Exam

Our Lean Manufacturing Library is available to Intertek Alchemy clients in English, Spanish, and Canadian French for an additional annual fee. Contact your account manager or fill out the form for more details.

Show Me a Course Preview