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Safety Starts with Your Employees

Your frontline workers are key to a safe and productive culture. And if your workforce is disengaged, Gallup studies show they’ll cause 49% more accidents and 60% more errors and defects!

Partner with Intertek Alchemy to give your employees the knowledge and confidence they need to make the right decisions on the job — everyday.

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Access Training Solutions Built for Manufacturers

With over 17 years supporting thousands of manufacturing facilities, Intertek Alchemy understands the unique needs of training frontline workers. Keep your employees safe and productive with our solutions.

Provide hundreds of up-to-date courses, in multiple languages, on critical topics. Or, create your own!
Empower supervisors to easily facilitate on-the-job observations and training with mobile apps – no WiFi needed!
Stay audit-ready with automated recordkeeping and real-time reporting for all employees, across all worksites.

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Trusted by 7,500 industry-leading facilities.

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