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Study: The Effect of Behavioral Change

Behavior Change Food Worker Image

Understanding What Drives Today’s Frontline Workforce

Food and workplace safety is a top priority for the food industry and its regulatory agencies. While training methods have improved safety compliance over the past decade, additional efforts and methodologies need to be applied, especially in light of recent product recalls, additional regulatory mandates and consumer concerns about the safety of their food supply. In addition to the focus on safety, companies seek continual improvements in productivity through reduction of waste, spoilage, and other production efficiencies in order to maintain a profitable business in light of a challenging economy.

The purpose of this study was to determine if prescribed supervisory coaching coupled with effective training could drive employee performance among front-line food workers. The study was conducted at four U.S. food processing facilities and had three phases:

  • Phase 1: Identify the production process to improve and then determine what standard should be used to measure effective performance.
  • Phase 2: The identified standard was parsed into a sequence of process steps. Break down each step into a sequence of effective behaviors.
  • Phase 3: Supervisors conduct corrective observations using detailed compliance checklists. In cases of non-compliance, corrective actions are assigned.

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