Research: Why Some Training Programs Succeed Where Others Fail

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The results and analysis from the 2022 Global Food Safety Training Survey are in. The data from more than 2,000 companies was analyzed and cross tabulated to clearly identify the specific practices and characteristics that enable some organizations to drive better results from their food safety training efforts.

Download this complimentary report to gain access to dozens of data points that map out a clear, proven blueprint to better food safety practices on the floor. You can use this independent research to support your efforts to provide the resources needed to meet our industry’s ever-evolving food safety needs.

Among the many key findings in the report, you will learn:

  • The 6 key action items any facility can implement to improve food safety outcomes.
  • How to quadruple the likelihood a frontline employee will halt production when necessary to prevent a food safety incident — a trait GFSI considers necessary to demonstrate a strong food safety culture.
  • The quantity of food safety training necessary to avoid the “danger zone” identified in the data to lead to greater risk of food safety incidents.
  • Five data-proven methods to keep employees highly engaged and motivated — which leads to 2X increase in employees consistently adhering to food safety protocols on the floor.
Download the Report Now