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Results and Analysis from the 2020 Global Food Safety Training Survey

The annual Global Food Safety Training Survey is an industry benchmarking tool for companies to assess their food safety training programs compared to their industry peers. Download this complimentary report to gain insights from dozens of data points with insightful analysis. Utilize these findings and best practices to gain the support and resources needed in your organization to meet our industry’s evolving training needs.

At a high level, the research uncovers positive trends:

  • 114% more companies are conducting a Food Safety Culture Audit
  • There was a 36% improvement in ability to “verify effective training”

But also areas of concern:

  • 67% of companies still have employees not following their food safety program on the floor
  • Only 37% of companies utilize technology tools to manage food safety training

Request your complimentary copy using the form on this page. Use the report to gain insights into the “why” behind the numbers, and identify actionable best practices that could improve your food safety training program.

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Benchmark Your Food Safety Training Program