Research: Impact of Frontline Employee Training in Food Manufacturing Performance

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The results and analysis from the 2024 Survey of Frontline Employee Training Programs are in. The data from nearly 900 companies, representing over 3,000 facilities, was analyzed and cross tabulated to clearly identify the specific practices and characteristics that enable some organizations to drive better performance in their manufacturing employees.

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You’ll learn which training best practices motivate employees and improve workforce production the most, including:

  • How to create a 3X increase in employees following SOPs correctly on the floor
  • Which training reinforcement method increases an employee’s ability to proactively stop quality and safety risks by 37%
  • The training program hack that drives 58% improvement in peer-to-peer instruction accuracy
  • Which training program feature can improve employee engagement and motivation by 83%

Looking to improve your frontline employee training program and the impact it has on your operations? Download your complimentary copy and dive into the data today.

Download the Report Now