Training Solutions for Metal Fabricators and OEM Manufacturers

Alchemy is a game changer! You can access Alchemy from anywhere, and the employees love having Alchemy at their fingertips.
— Anisha Mathews, HR Manager, Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing
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Access the full training library built specifically for frontline manufacturing and fabrication workers. Utilize the training technology platform to manage, deliver, and track all workforce training activity. Get it all in one user-friendly platform, built for your industry.

Training Courses on the Topics You Need

Intertek Alchemy has you covered on training and workforce development. All courses are multi-lingual and easily customizable to quickly insert site-specific images to increase relevance and retention.

Platform flexibility enables you to provide training to groups, with all activity digitally documented, or individual eLearning. The Alchemy Training System can be your complete learning management system (LMS) or integrate with any HR workforce platforms already in place.

Gain instant access to unlimited course takes covering these topics and more:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership Development
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Waste, Efficiency, Sustainability

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Build an On-the-job Training Program that Works

Add to your Alchemy course library by easily creating and delivering task-specific training right on the floor utilizing Alchemy Playbook. The mobile app helps ensure your job skills training is 100% consistent and accurate.

  • Record video and take photos of employees properly performing specific job tasks
  • Turn videos into training courses by adding step-by-step text instructions
  • Add quiz questions to solidify learning and document employee understood training
  • Deliver on-the-job training with any mobile device, even if no WiFi is available

Take the Pain Out of Training Management

Still using Excel to plan and track training? How about paper sign-in sheets, with stacks of illegible signatures to “verify” training records? Turn these time-consuming processes to relics of the past. Intertek Alchemy automatically records all training activity — in the classroom or on the floor — and streamlines all data into clear, actionable reporting. All data is at your fingertips instantly.

  • Be audit-ready 24/7 with instant access to all training records
  • Create learning plans tailored by role, including required refreshers
  • Receive automated alerts when an employee has not met training requirements
  • Eliminate manual recordkeeping and free up admin resources
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Alchemy Playbook recording manufacturing training course Play Video

Watch how to standardize work instructions for consistent training.

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