Drive Distribution Performance

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce

Every day your drivers and distribution center workers directly impact safety, profitability, and your bottom line. Leading distributors, wholesalers, and transport companies use Alchemy learning, communications, and performance programs to:

  • Suitcase
    Ensure food safety
  • Hard Hat
    Reduce accidents
  • Bar Chart
    Lower CSA scores
  • Road
    Increase fuel efficiency
  • Gavel
    Reduce lawsuits
  • Money
    Cut insurance rates

Our Client Results Include:


A complete system to optimize your workforce

Alchemy’s integrated learning, communications, and performance programs help distributors and carriers improve driver safety, maintain the cold chain for food safety, and increase operational efficiencies.



Build a safe and knowledgeable team of drivers, managers, and warehouse workers with Alchemy’s interactive classroom and eLearning technologies.



Keep drivers and DC workers informed and reinforce important safety and operational goals around the clock.



Empower DC and transport managers with mobile coaching tools to actively observe and develop workers and drivers.

Build a culture of safety, efficiency, and productivity

Workplace Safety

Alchemy helps drive workplace safety by ensuring your warehouse and distribution center employees understand and implement safety fundamentals including:

  • Material Handling
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls in Warehouses/DCs
  • Lift Truck Operations
  • High-Lift Operations
  • Pallet Truck Operations

Food Safety

Alchemy ensures warehouse employees understand food safety fundamentals with targeted, relevant training, reinforcement, and coaching in key safety areas including:

  • Maintaining the Cold Chain
  • Loading & Receiving Area Food Safety SOPs
  • Pre-load Temperature Checks
  • Safe Pallet Building
  • Personal Hygiene GMPs for Warehouse Employees

Transportation Safety

Alchemy has partnered with Instructional Technologies, Inc. to bring the PRO-TREAD library of 70+ online transportation safety training courses to the Alchemy platform. Truck drivers, transportation managers, and warehouse workers can now receive targeted training on topics such as:

  • Safe Driving
  • Driver Health and Safety
  • Loading/Cargo Handling
  • Hazmat Driving

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