Bake Safety & Productivity into Your Operations

There’s a lot of complexity involved with bakery and snack food manufacturing. You’re likely juggling lean manufacturing, recall prevention, and critical safety initiatives that require commitment from what seems like a revolving door of employees and contract workers.

And as if your everyday operations were not enough to manage, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have increased compliance liabilities.

bakery food safety

Employees are your bread and butter

A recent study commissioned by the American Bakers Association (ABA) and the American Society of Baking (ASB) found that manufacturers of baked foods understand the importance of engaged employees in driving safe and productive operations. However, most struggle to train and retain their frontline employees. In fact:

94% hire unskilled employees

Graphic- 94% hire unskilled employees

87% struggle to deliver training to employees

Bakery Food Safety Training

80% have first-year retention issues

Bakery retention issues

The Workforce Gap in U.S. Commercial Baking

Minimize risk with Alchemy

The key to a safe and productive operation starts with your biggest asset – your employees. Providing consistent training, coaching, and communication will have a profound impact. With Alchemy you can:

  • Reduce safety incidents and ensure product quality

    You’ll have access to hundreds of multi-lingual courses on critical food and workplace safety topics. Further reinforce your message by leveraging coordinated huddle guides, digital signage, and posters.

  • Retain employees and improve productivity

    Alchemy keeps your employees engaged by promoting employee-supervisor communication with an on-the-job coaching application. It’s a valuable tool for verifying training effectiveness and providing root-cause analysis.

  • Maintain audit readiness, all the time

    Save your staff hours of administrative time with automatic documentation of training records for each employee. Most importantly, stay prepared for unannounced audits with real-time reporting.


Industry-specific Training Content

The more relevant training content is, the more engaged employees are in their training. Alchemy’s courseware is designed specifically for the food industry, with imagery and context your employees understand and recognize. See the Alchemy course library, and search for courses relevant to bakery and snack food manufacturers.

Watch how TruFoodMfg reduced employee turnover with Alchemy

safe-video1 video button video button over

Alchemy solutions encourage consistent communication throughout each level of your organization. See how we help leaders, supervisors and managers, and training facilitators engage employees.



Questions about how Alchemy can bolster your company’s safety and productivity? Our industry experts are just a click away.

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Our Impact

I don’t know what Aryzta would have done without Alchemy the past four years. The ability to track, issue learning plans…and track that on a corporate level, it’s really been a godsend for us.

– Aryzta

“With the support of Alchemy’s programs, we’ve dramatically increased the quality of our safety programs. We’ve seen accidents reduced by 80%. With that, we’ve easily seen over $100,000 a year in cost savings.”

– TruFood Mfg

Baking and snack food clients and partners

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