Increase Milling Safety and Quality

Safe grain milling and seed oil processing is no easy feat. Your full-time and seasonal employees operate heavy machines, climb tall silos, experience extreme temperatures, and are exposed to combustible dust. At the same time, your products are subject to food safety risks, like Salmonella contamination and adulteration. Given these risks, it’s crucial that your workforce has both the knowledge and confidence to work safely – protecting themselves, your customers, and your company.

Give Workers the Means to Take Smart Action

Grain Milling Farm and Silos

Build a workforce that takes smart action and helps improve your bottom line by providing consistent training, coaching, and reinforcement.

Reduce incidents

Access hundreds of critical workplace safety courses on topics such as electrical safety, working at height, combustible dust, and heat exhaustion. Available in multiple languages, you’ll minimize incidents while cutting workers’ compensation and insurance costs.

Ensure quality

Provide your workers with the ability to harvest and process the safest, highest-quality products, while avoiding costly food safety incidents and recalls. Our food safety courseware and reinforcement tools engage your employees and create a continuous learning environment.

Maintain compliance

Stay prepared for your next GFSI, FSMA, USDA, or OSHA audit. Save your staff hours of administrative time with automatic documentation of training records and coaching observations, all accessible with real-time reporting ideal for unannounced audits.


Industry-specific Training Content

The more relevant training content is, the more engaged employees are in their training. Alchemy’s courseware is designed specifically for the food industry, with imagery and context your employees understand and recognize. See the Alchemy course library, and search for courses relevant to the milling industry.

See How Alchemy Helps Ensure a Safe Workplace

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See how your peers are using Alchemy

Alchemy solutions facilitate continuous engagement and consistent communication throughout your operation. See how we help leaders, supervisors and managers, and training facilitators connect with employees.



Questions about how Alchemy can bolster your company’s safety and productivity? Our industry experts are just a click away.

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Our Impact

“Training with Alchemy has definitely been a huge improvement. It’s the detail, it’s the videos, it’s the pictures—plus having it in multiple languages is an asset for us as well. We’re tailoring training to the employees’ needs.”

— Deborah Walden-Ralls, Green Valley Pecan Company

“When customers come in to audit, the ones who know about Alchemy training just say, ‘OK, you’re good—we know you’re good there.”

— Joan Bennett, Oregon Cherry Growers

Milling clients

Additional resources

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