Develop a Workforce That’s a Cut Above the Rest

Protein processors contend with more food and workplace safety risks than most other food producers. Facing animal welfare concerns and increasing regulatory burdens, your employees can be the difference between a healthy operation and one facing injuries, recalls, and penalties.


Build a workforce that takes smart action and helps improve your bottom line by providing consistent training, coaching, and reinforcement.

Reduce incidents

Recalls and safety incidents are disruptive and expensive. A well-educated workforce helps prevent accidents from taking place. Alchemy provides multi-lingual training with hundreds of food and workplace safety courses that can all be customized to meet your plant’s specific needs. Topics include Animal Welfare, Microorganisms, GMPs, HACCP, and more!

Maximize productivity

Keep your operations running smoothly with an engaged workforce. Promote supervisor-employee interaction with our award-winning coaching app that verifies training effectiveness and provides root-cause analysis. And ensure your message stays top of mind with coordinated huddle guides, digital signage, and posters.

Maintain compliance

Stay prepared for your next GFSI, FSMA, USDA, or OSHA audit. You’ll save your staff hours of administrative time with automatic documentation of training records and coaching observations. And all of your records can be accessed with real-time reporting, ideal for unannounced audits.


Industry-specific Training Content

The more relevant training content is, the more engaged employees are in their training. Alchemy’s courseware is designed specifically for the food industry, with imagery and context your employees understand and recognize. See the Alchemy course library, and search for courses relevant to protein processors.

Seaboard Achieves Outstanding Handling Ratings

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Alchemy solutions facilitate continuous engagement and consistent communication throughout your organization. See how we help leaders, supervisors and managers, and training facilitators connect with employees.



Questions about how Alchemy can bolster your company’s safety and productivity? Our industry experts are just a click away.

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Our Impact

“Before Alchemy, 85% of injuries involved employees with 60 days or less of employment. With Alchemy, only one of 13 injuries involved a new hire.”

—Rodney Basaldua, King & Prince Seafood.

“Employees retain more with Alchemy. Some people learn by seeing, some by hearing, and some by doing. With Alchemy, they have visual, audio, and tactile senses all included.”

—Brye Wiskman, Buckhead Beef

“There’s more engagement and more interaction with the employees since implementing Alchemy. And our recordable incident rate has dropped dramatically.”

—Brent Holmes, Maple Leaf Foods 

“We are really impressed by the Alchemy platform. It enables us to deliver consistent multilingual training and makes it easy to be BRC certified.”

—Karan Rathburn, WW Johnson Meat Company

“With Alchemy, every employee gets consistent training. This is especially important with our Spanish-speaking employees. I no longer have to worry about poor translations.”

—Brye Wiskman, Buckhead Beef

“Alchemy gives us a much-needed system for training employees in multiple languages, ensuring comprehension, and documenting training results.”

—Karan Rathburn, WW Johnson Meat Company

Protein processing clients

Additional resources

Case Study: Buckhead Beef Drives Safety & EfficiencyBlog: 4 phases of audit readiness Learn how Buckhead Beef successfully implemented standardized safety practices and coached workers on increasing productivity.  Read more.

Case Study: King & Prince Reduces Workplace Injuries by 61%Case Study: King & PrinceSee how King & Prince Seafood worked with Alchemy to dramatically cut injuries—particularly injuries experienced by new hires. Download now.

Alchemy Solutions for Protein Processors Alchemy solutions for the animal food industry Learn how Alchemy’s integrated programs provide custom solutions for the protein industry. Download flyer.

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