Freeze Out Safety and Quality Concerns

Refrigerated and frozen food producers rely on their workforce to maintain a clean and safe environment. Your frontline workers need the knowledge and confidence to meet safety and operational challenges, including temperature monitoring, cross-contamination, microorganisms, and workplace safety risks.

Build a Workforce that Takes Smart Action

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Build a workforce that takes smart action and helps improve your bottom line by providing consistent training, coaching, and reinforcement.

Reduce incidents

Recalls and safety incidents are disruptive and expensive. A well-educated workforce helps prevent accidents from taking place. Alchemy provides multi-lingual training with hundreds of important food and workplace safety courses that can all be customized to meet your plant’s specific needs. Topics include GMPs, HACCP fundamentals, SSOPs, and more!

Maximize productivity

Keep your operations running smoothly with an engaged workforce. Promote supervisor-employee interaction with our award-winning coaching app that verifies training effectiveness and provides root-cause analysis. And keep your message top of mind with coordinated huddle guides, digital signage, and posters.

Maintain compliance

Food production is a highly regulated industry. Save your staff hours of administrative time with automatic documentation of training records and coaching observations. Most importantly, stay prepared for unannounced audits with real-time reporting.


Industry-specific Training Content

The more relevant training content is, the more engaged employees are in their training. Alchemy’s courseware is designed specifically for the food industry, with imagery and context your employees understand and recognize. See the Alchemy course library, and search for courses relevant to the refrigerated and frozen food industry.

Alchemy Helps Drive Safety and Compliance

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See how your peers are using Alchemy

Alchemy solutions facilitate continuous engagement and consistent communication throughout your organization. See how we help leaders, supervisors and managers, and training facilitators connect with employees.



Questions about how Alchemy can bolster your company’s safety and productivity? Our industry experts are just a click away.

Our Impact

“We’ve literally seen a turnaround like you’d never believe. We saw our production efficiency start to climb. I look at the cost of Alchemy, and I look at what the payback is—it’s a no-brainer.”

— Randy Josephs, Kisko

“You can see the commitment when you walk out on the floor. With Alchemy’s help, our employees recognize everything down to fine detail.”

—Brent Holmes, Maple Leaf Foods

“Bottom line, Alchemy improves profitability. And it makes us the employer of choice to get and retain the best employees we can for our positions.”

—Jodi Haggith, Bonduelle

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Alchemy Refrigerated
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Alchemy solutions for the Refrigerated and Frozen Food industry Learn how Alchemy is uniquely positioned to provide custom solutions for the Refrigerated & Frozen Foods industry. Download Flyer.

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