A Learning Program Tailored to Frontline Food Workers


Learning challenges

Learning programs for frontline food workers must address language barriers, varying education levels, and operational demands. Alchemy’s program is designed to meet these challenges while minimizing worker time off-the-floor.


Frontline Challenges
Alchemy Solutions
Language barriers
Multilingual content;
Content creator tool
Varied learning styles
Visual, audio, and tactile learning elements
Multiple safety cultures
Consistent messaging across lines, shifts, & plants
Limited training time
20 minute training and onboarding courses;
5-10 minute refresher trainings
Distracted and
disengaged employees
Engaging and interactive courseware and quizzes
Minimal computer access
Train up to 150 users offline with one computer;
Kiosk and eLearning options

Our client results include:


Learning designed for the food industry


No one else in the food space can match our creative team of more than 50 instructional designers, graphic artists, illustrators, and audio/video engineers. We work with leading food industry experts to develop courseware specific to a wide range of food industries including processing and manufacturing, distribution, agricultural operations, and more, following standards established by:

  • OSHA

  • FSMA
  • BRC
  • IFS

  • FSSC 22000
  • SQF


Learning built for engagement

Our courseware is tailored to engage the frontline food worker and optimize knowledge retention through:


  • An interactive experience using gamification
  • Content and visuals specifically geared to the unique target audience
  • Short learning bursts for easier retention and less time off the floor
  • Remediation loops proven to make learning stick.

You can deliver Alchemy’s award-winning content through group-based, eLearning, and kiosk modes. Most of our courses can be easily customized to tailor to your specifics. And you can even build your own unique course content from scratch with our easy-to-use tools.


Learning for easy management


Alchemy’s learning program addresses frontline worker needs, but it’s built for your ease of management as well. The program facilitates role-based learning plans to minimize operational and training conflicts. The program connects seamlessly to your HRIS for easy updating and tracking and provides on-demand reporting and analysis. And our secure, cloud-based platform guarantees the integrity of your data.


Learning beyond training

Of course, learning is more than just delivery of courses. To maximize retention, learning must be accompanied by:


  • Consistent communications over time, at multiple touchpoints
  • Performance observations, immediate feedback, and positive reinforcement
  • Easy documentation to ensure full effectiveness


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Our Impact

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