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Enterprise-wide Assessments to Mitigate Food Safety Risks

Bryan Armentrout
Owner, The Food Leadership Group

Jeff Chilton
Vice President of Professional Services, Alchemy

Food safety is risky business. Just one recall costs an average of $30 million dollars. Ensuring you have the right practices in place is essential to preventing short and long-term damage to you, your company, and your consumers.

Do you have a strategic enterprise risk assessment plan in place to minimize your risk of recalls, foodborne illness outbreaks and regulatory non-compliance?

Biosecurity for the Poultry Industry: Protect Your Flock

Nick Wolfenden
Office of Animal Well-Being at Tyson Foods

Marcus Sparks
Account Manager at Alchemy

Studies have consistently shown that 90% of diseases spread between poultry farms are due to contaminated people, poultry equipment, and farm vehicles. Developing a robust biosecurity plan and adhering to it is the best way to limit the introduction of diseases.

Do you have a company-wide animal welfare training program in place to prevent the spread of diseases to your flock?

Warehouse Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Laura McMillan
VP of Training Development at Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI)

Holly Mockus
Senior Product Manager at Alchemy

Did you know that nearly 100,000 workers are injured each year due to improper training or carelessness on the job? And when warehouses are operating at peak capacity around the holidays, the risk of workplace injuries increases exponentially. Have you built a plan for ensuring safety during the 2017 holiday season?

Effective Metrics to Advance Your Food Safety Training

Laura Nelson
VP of Food Safety and Global Alliances, Alchemy Systems

Dr. Irene Boland
Chief Learning Officer, Learning Development Institute, Inc.

The food industry has made great strides to improve training and learning systems across its various sectors, but often training is done without any structure evaluation. In fact, according to an article from Food Manufacturing, 97% of food borne illnesses are attributed to either a process breakdown or employee training.

Training Funds for California Food Manufacturers: How to earn the funding your tax dollars are paying for!

Bryant W. Colman
Managing Principle for Economic Incentives Advisory Group

Jessica Nahabedian
Manager, Manufacturing Training for Amy’s Kitchen, Inc.

David Smith
Area Sales Manager, Alchemy Systems

If you’re a food manufacturer or processor in the state of California, did you know you are eligible to receive up to $750,000 in funding for your employee training program? In fact, since 2013, over 270 manufacturing companies have taken advantage of millions of dollars in funding from the Employment Training Tax.

How to Produce an ROI with Your Safety Culture: Bonduelle’s Secrets to Success

Marcus Sparks
Account Manager at Alchemy

Jodi Haggith
HR and Training Supervisor at Bonduelle

Companies with stronger employee engagement have 41% less absenteeism and 70% fewer safety incidents, according to Gallup. Being proactive with employee engagement and developing a continuous learning environment is key to driving the right behaviors on the job. Few companies have mastered the art of a safety program quite like Bonduelle, who recently achieved 6 years no lost time.

Examining the New SQF Quality Code: How to Comply by the January Deadline

Jeff Chilton
Vice President of Professional Services, Alchemy

Frank Schreurs
Regional Representative, SQFI

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) has modified its approach to food quality certification. The SQF Quality Code provides the opportunity for companies to implement a comprehensive Food Quality Plan with identified controls to reduce complaints and improve product consistency. Suppliers currently certified at SQF Level 3 will need to be certified in the SQF Quality Code. The SQFI encourages all suppliers to consider this certification to improve their food safety and quality systems. Compliance deadlines begin as early as January 2nd, 2018. Will you be ready?

FDA’s Preventive Controls Rule: Common Misconceptions Revealed

John Johnson III, Attorney

Holly Mockus
Senior Product Manager, Alchemy Systems

The FDA’s Preventive Controls Rule (PCR) has been out for almost a year, yet many companies are still uncertain on how to fully comply. Do you know what parts of the rule impact your company? Are you aware of the recent enforcement changes by the FDA? Will you be ready when an auditor comes?

FSVP: A Panel Discussion on Tips for Implementation

Laura Nelson
VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Alchemy Systems

Hilary Thesmar
Senior Vice President, Food Safety, Food Marketing Institute

The Food Safety Modernization Act’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) implementation is upon the food industry. FSVP represents a paradigm shift, as it is the first time that FDA has regulated food importers. The requirements under the new regulation are very detailed and record-intensive, likely necessitating careful attention by all food importers—including retailers, brokers, and food companies importing finished goods. Whether your company imports food ingredients and products or not, parts of FSVP could apply to you.

Top Tips to Mitigate Food Fraud

Jeff Chilton
VP Professional Services, Alchemy

Peter Claise
Marketing Director, Foods Programs, USP

Discover top tips to mitigate food fraud for regulatory and GFSI requirements on Food Safety Tech’s webinar with Alchemy and United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Alchemy’s Jeff Chilton and USP’s Peter Claise will discuss FSMA Preventive Control for Human Food hazard analysis requirements, GFSI requirements (SQF/BRC/FSSC 22000), and food fraud mitigation implementation strategies.

PMO, FSMA, and Inspections — Oh My! Preparing Your Frontline for Success

Holly Mockus
Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

Now that the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Food Safety Modernization Act are becoming aligned, dairy producers must comply with the new regulations by Fall 2018. Join Alchemy’s webinar to learn how to get ahead in ensuring your programs meet the new standards.

FSMA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule is Here: How to Stay on the Right Track

Samantha Cooper
Sr. Manager Food Safety & Quality Assurance – Regulatory Affairs division, GMA

Laura Dunn Nelson
VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Alchemy

As of April 6, 2017, companies with over $500,000 in revenue must comply with FDA’s Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food rule. The rule sets forth sanitary requirements for shippers, loaders, carriers, and receivers. Watch the webinar to find out how the rule applies to you and learn what you should be doing to ensure compliance.

SQF Edition 8: The Changes You Need to Know About

Kristie Grzywinski
Senior Technical Manager, SQFI

Jeff Chilton
Vice President of Professional Services, Alchemy

As part of its mission to keep a diligent watch on food safety and quality and make relevant and timely updates to its program, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) recently updated the SQF Code Edition 7.2 to Edition 8. Join Alchemy and SQFI for this informative webinar as we explain what’s new in Edition 8 and what it means for you.

How to Sustain a Safety Culture with Multi-Channel Training

Xavier Aguilera
Director of Corporate Environmental Health and Safety, Bumble Bee Foods

Raj Shah
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Alchemy

Did you know that 80% of training is forgotten within 30 days without proper reinforcement? Marketing professionals know it takes seven touches to make an impact – the same is true for building a safety culture. Find out how to use multi-channel training methods to overcome the forgetting process and keep safety top of mind.

Ditch Boring Training: New Ways to Better Train and Engage Your Workforce

Jennifer Therrien
Manager of Talent Development, Ocean Spray Cranberries

Kristin Kastrup
Manager of Enterprise Learning, Alchemy

Slides and outdated videos have ruled the training room for a long time, but are they effective? Learn from the food industry’s best on how to develop engaging, memorable, and empowering training that ensures retention and behavior change.

Build an Effective Serious Injury Prevention Strategy

Jodi Haggith
HR & Training Supervisor, Bonduelle Group

Dave Brubaker
Global Safety Manager, Dawn Food Products

Each year, 5 out of every 100 employees in food manufacturing will report an injury (BLS). Of those, 60% are injured within their first 90 days on the job. These incidents result in broken bones, hospitalization, and lost time. Most are due to slips, falls from height or machinery, lifting and handling, improper use of forklifts, being struck by objects, or worse, improper lock out tag out (LOTO) procedures.

Waste Not, Want Not: Strategies to Reduce Waste for Increased Profitability

Andrew Harig
Sr. Director of Sustainability, Food Marketing Institute

Jeff Chilton
VP of Professional Services, Alchemy

According to a Food Waste Reduction Alliance study, up to 40% of food that is grown, processed, and transported in North America is not consumed. Over 16% is lost during production and distribution—a major profit killer! Join us to learn about how you can implement initiatives that cut waste, and increase profitability.

Navigating FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Rule

John Johnson III, Esq.
Senior Associate Attorney, FDA Imports, LLC

Holly Mockus
Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

FSMA’s final rules include a major focus on foreign supplier verification; food companies now face potential liability for the inspection and re-inspection of both foreign and domestic facilities. Watch the webinar to hear from John Johnson and Holly Mockus as we review new Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) requirements and how to comply.

Recordkeeping & Documentation: Best Practices for Compliance

Holly Mockus
Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

Andrew Clarke
Food Industry Expert

Do you struggle to stay on top of recordkeeping and documentation? If so, you’re not alone – compliance in this area continues to be a top challenge facing food industry professionals. View the webinar to hear from two food industry experts as they discuss the regulations requiring documentation, why airtight records matter, and best practices to ensure compliance.

Exceeding SQF Expectations: Addressing the Human Element of Food Safety

LeAnn Chuboff
Senior Technical Director, SQF Institute

Laura Dunn Nelson
VP of Business Development, Alchemy

Hear from SQF’s LeAnn Chuboff and Alchemy’s Laura Dunn Nelson as they uncover the results of the 2016 Global Food Safety Training survey. Take a peek into the future of food safety and hear how SQF Edition 8 includes and emphasizes the human element – people and their behavior.

Exceeding BRC Expectations: Addressing the Human Element of Food Safety

John Kukoly
Director, BRC Americas

Laura Dunn Nelson
VP of Business Development, Alchemy

Hear from BRC’s John Kukoly and Alchemy’s Laura Dunn Nelson as they uncover the results of the 2016 Global Food Safety Training survey. Take a peek into the future of food safety and hear how BRC Issue 7 includes and emphasizes the human element – people and their behavior.

Food Defense: How to Comply with FSMA’s New Intentional Adulteration Rule

John W. Larkin, Ph.D.
Research Director, Food Protection and Defense Institute

Holly Mockus
Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

FSMA’s Intentional Adulteration rule requires facilities to create a written food defense plan that identifies vulnerable areas of their operation and includes strategies to mitigate the risk. View our webinar to learn about the rule, what it means for your facility, and how to build your food defense plan to comply.

Food Fraud: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Karen Everstine, PhD, MPH, REHS
Scientific Liaison with the Food Program, United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)

Jorge Acosta 
Director of Technical Services, Alchemy

Food fraud is a real issue that threatens the viability of your company and safety of your consumers. View our webinar to learn all about food fraud, the regulatory requirements that surround it, and discover strategies to mitigate the risk.

The New Normal: How to Be Audit Ready All the Time

Melanie Neumann, J.D., M.S.
President and Global Food Safety Attorney, Neumann Risk Services, LLC

Laura Dunn Nelson
Vice President of Business Development, Alchemy

With food industry regulations and liability exposure at an all-time high, being audit ready can seem like a lofty goal. How can you set a “new normal” of being audit ready all the time? View our webinar to find out how to ensure your plants are compliant for any type of audit, any time.

How to Avoid OSHA’s Top 10 Violations

Michael Aust
President, 1030 Communications

Natasha Taylor
Account Manager, Alchemy

Due to OSHA’s severe inflation of penalties in 2016, companies are seeing an increase of up to 82% in fines. Find out what OSHA’s top 10 violations were in 2015 and how to prevent them from occurring in your organization.

How to Successfully Attract, Retain, and Develop Your Multi-generational Workforce

C. Spencer Reynolds
VP HR & Training, Genysis Brand Solutions

Wes Burke
Director of Human Resources, Alchemy

Today’s workforce spans four generations, which can present a management challenge. The high cost of turnover increases the stakes for employers to retain employees. Discover the value of attracting, retaining, and developing your best talent.

FSMA’s New Sanitary Transportation Rule: How to Prepare Your Game Plan for Compliance

Laura McMillan
VP Training Development, Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Holly Mockus
Product Manager, Alchemy

On April 6, 2016, the FDA released the final Sanitary Transport Rule affecting food transportation. View our webinar to find out how the STR impacts your organization and how to ensure compliance.

OSHA Takes Aim at Poultry Processors: How to get out of the Line of Fire

Edwin G. Foulke, Jr.
Attorney and Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP

Marcus Sparks
Account Manager, Alchemy

Four major OSHA regulatory changes are going to significantly impact poultry processors. Find out what they mean for your organization and discover what you need to do to avoid costly penalties.

24/7 Communications: When Training Alone Isn’t Enough

Marcus Slaughter
Safety Coordinator, Dawn Food Products, Inc.

Holly Mockus
Product Manager, Alchemy

Jeff Moores Sr.
Director of Communications, Alchemy

Employee knowledge retention is a major challenge for companies. Discover how a consistent, multi-touch communication approach can improve ROI and optimize your workforce.

The Visible Threat: How to Prevent Undeclared Allergens

Tracie Sheehan
Chief Health, Quality and Sustainability Officer, ARYZTA LLC

Laura Dunn Nelson
Vice President of Business Development, Alchemy

Holly Mockus
Product Manager, Alchemy

Undeclared allergens continue to be a leading cause of recalls. Discover proper allergen handling practices and cross contact mitigation strategies to help you better protect your brand.


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The ability Alchemy gives you to develop your people is fantastic for anybody in the food processing industry.
Jodi HaggithHR and Training SupervisorBonduelle North America
I can’t do my job if I don’t have confidence in what all our frontline employees are doing. Having Alchemy’s system in place gives me that confidence.
Luke VaneeVanee Foods Company
Safety culture doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t come to life in the actions of our employees. That’s what Alchemy training is all about.
Rhonda SparksCorporate Training PartnerKeurig GMCR
Alchemy is a cost-effective way to meet both customer and auditor requirements.
Don BuchananSafety & Security ManagerFresh Express
Since we’ve implemented the Alchemy system, we’ve seen a 36% decrease in customer complaints. That’s important because our customers know we’re actively working to improve.
Luke VaneeVanee Foods Company
Alchemy makes everything run smoother.
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I have nothing but good things to say about Alchemy, the products, and the support — they are marvelous.
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Brent HolmesPlant ManagerMaple Leaf Foods

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