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Limited resources and operational demands make onboarding and developing a frontline workforce complex. HR professionals face:

  • Little time earmarked for off-the-floor worker training
  • Lack of training consistency and delivery across locations
  • Manual, paper-based training and recordkeeping systems
  • Limited resources to create compelling training materials

Alchemy has over a decade of experience working with more than two million frontline workers. We understand how they learn, what motivates them to follow procedures, and how they best engage with supervisors and managers. Frontline workers have unique characteristics that require programs specially built to address their needs.

Human Resources - Engage with your employees

Alchemy makes onboarding, training, and recordkeeping simple with integrated Learning, Communications, and Performance programs designed specifically for frontline food workers. Integrate your HRIS and performance systems with our solutions to:

  • Minimize off-the-floor training time with short 15-20 minute courses
  • Train consistently across shifts, departments, and locations
  • Save time with automated, paperless recordkeeping and on-demand reports
  • Create engaging, interactive courses with easy-to-use customization tools

Solutions for your day-to-day needs

Each role in an organization has unique needs. Alchemy has developed solutions to facilitate continuous engagement and consistent communication throughout your organization. Find out how Alchemy makes your job easier, based on your role: 

Our client results include:

Human Resources - Minimize off-the-floor training

Human Resources - paperless recordkeeping

Human Resources - on-demand reports

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