Solution Optimization


The Alchemy platform provides a powerful and cost-effective way to communicate with your front-line workforce. But finding the time to develop learning plans, create custom courses, or build reports and ROI can be a challenge. Our team of experts can help.



Our experts help guide, create, and deploy your training content and strategies to optimize their use including:

  • Training gap analysis and course recommendations
  • Enterprise learning plan strategies
  • Creator course development


Our Coach tool enables you to measure behaviors, document processes, and automate inspections. We help integrate your current paper-based methods into the Coach platform:

  • Coach observation development
  • Implementation and ramp up


A targeted communication strategy is key to improved behaviors and increased metrics. We help strategize your communication deployment based on your operational goals and industry best practices:

  • 24/7 communication strategy
  • Implementation and ramp up


We help measure the performance of your training and coaching program with:

  • Return on Investment analysis
  • Enterprise reporting strategy
  • Data analytics optimization

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