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Train & Certify Hospitality Staff
on Key COVID Protocols


The world has changed. A survey finds 73% of consumers are scared or nervous about visiting a hotel, even after restrictions are lifted. Hotels and resorts must quickly adapt to remain successful. Provide your staff with the necessary training to keep your people and places safe. And broadcast your culture of clean to your guests as you welcome them back.

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 See how Protek keeps your whole facility safe.

Greet Guests with Confidence

Your staff is on the front lines of protecting your properties, people, and guests. Properly equip your staff with the Protek People Assurance training program to:

  • Train your entire staff with 10 bilingual eLearning courses that can run on any LMS platform
  • Provide managers with additional, in-depth training to sustain operations and address employee concerns
  • Verify and certify each employee understands how to keep your workforce, workplace, and guests safe
  • Ensure consistent training across all locations and departments

Protecting Guests Protects Your Online Reviews

“Cleanliness theater” is part of the new normal for the hospitality industry. Reviews are the key to bookings. Cleanliness was always important, but now more than ever. Step one is ensuring your staff knows what to do. Step two is just as important: broadcast your efforts to your guests.

  • Proudly display Protek certification that your staff is trained and verified
  • Ensure your staff exhibits the correct behaviors in full view of guests
  • Promote your program and certification in your marketing materials

Protek Hospitality Cleanliness Theater

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