Performance Solutions
Tailored to Restaurant

Engage Your Workforce to Drive Productivity

Your team members have the most direct impact on the success or failure of your operational objectives and brand vision. Ensure your guest experience meets your expectations. Alchemy delivers the solutions you need to increase the knowledge, confidence, and performance of your team members, across all dayparts, job roles, and locations.

Alchemy drives smart action at work at over 35,000 restaurant locations every day. Here are just a few of our clients.


Built for the Realities of Restaurant Workers

Most training and engagement solutions are built for the office. Alchemy’s Wisetail and Ontrack platforms are built for the unique front-of-house and back-of-house challenges of restaurant chains.


Fast-paced coordination
and multi-tasking

High pressure interactions with guests

Multiple languages and education levels

Limited time for
training and coaching

Mobile-first mindset for learning and culture

High turnover and
temporary mentality

Grow Your Passionate Workforce with Wisetail LMS

Wisetail is an easy-to-use LMS powered by Alchemy. Foster company culture, create consistent communications, and encourage engagement with Wisetail LMS.

  • Customized to convey your unique brand’s look and feel
  • Looks and feels like a social media platform to resonate with your workforce
  • Easy to use on multiple devices, from smartphone to desktop
Wisetail video button

Watch how Wisetail encourages team members to interact with your content.

Close Performance Gaps and Improve KPIs with Ontrack

Alchemy’s Ontrack platform gives multi-unit restaurant brand executives a more strategic method to affect performance and drive operational agility at each location.

Align in-store execution to your brand strategy. Ontrack ensures franchisees, in-store managers, and individual team members are aligned and successfully performing to corporate vision and objectives.

Watch how Ontrack keeps your teams aligned and on their A-game.

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Ontrack Delivers:


improvement in core operational metrics


on-time preparedness
for new menu items


improvement in service delivery time


improvement in training retention


improved food safety compliance coverage


Win the Battle for the Dining Dollar

Every investment in product quality, innovation, technology — even building improvements — will succeed or fail based entirely on the in-store execution of your team members. Yet only 23% of restaurant operators want to invest in improved training, compared to 64% willing to invest in new concepts.

Which begs the question: why invest in the test kitchen but not the actual kitchen? After all, what good is an extra crispy sandwich that is delivered soggy and slow to the guest?

Many operators hesitate to invest in team member development due to high turnover. But independent research confirms team members are worth the investment.

  • 73% of restaurant workers desire advancement at their current employer
  • 60% would like to remain at their current restaurant at least 3 years
  • 53% of workers receive most coaching from co-workers – with no way for operators to verify quality or correctness

“Winning the Battle for the Dining Dollar” is a research-driven white paper that outlines how chain operators can grab a greater share of the consumer food wallet.

Winning the battle