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Train & Assess Your Workforce
on Key COVID Protocols

Show Customers Your People, Places, and Products Are Safe

The way we work and the way consumers behave have changed. As communities reopen, it’s critical to assure the public your products, services, and places are safe. The #1 tool you have to achieve this is your people. Your workforce is the key to giving customers confidence in your business and brand.

Protek People Assurance is a comprehensive training and assessment program that verifies your workforce is capable of meeting stringent protocols for sanitation, hygiene, risk mitigation, and more. Proudly demonstrate your culture of clean to win back customers.

Protek People Assurance - Location Sticker

Targeted eLearning Keeps All Employees at Top Proficiency

The Protek People Assurance training program includes feature-rich eLearning courses on the following topics:

  • COVID-19 Overview
  • Face Masks
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Hand Washing
  • Glove Use
  • Public Health Etiquette
  • Vehicles of Disease Transmission
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Public Health Screening

The courseware is developed by Intertek Alchemy, the global leader in frontline worker training. Our adult learning experts use proven methods to ensure worker engagement and comprehension:

  • Short modules with micro-learning bursts to reduce cognitive load
  • Interactive elements to foster engagement
  • Embedded quizzes throughout, proven to build knowledge retention
  • Game-like elements to build engagement and motivation
  • Concluding assessment to confirm and track comprehension

Flexible Delivery on Any Platform

The Protek eLearning courses are SCORM packages that can be used on any modern learning management system (LMS). If you don’t currently have an LMS, we can provide the courseware on our easy-to-use platform to get your training program up and running quickly to:

  • Train existing employees on new protocols
  • Onboard new hires efficiently & accurately
  • Develop learning plans & track employee progress
  • Quickly see all training records & verify employee certification

Continuous Engagement = Continuous Vigilance

These concepts cannot be one-and-done training. The new normal must contain constant vigilance to keep your facilities safe. To help you keep employees engaged in your health and safety program, the Protek People Assurance program includes:

  • Looping videos: to reinforce training content in breakrooms and other high-traffic areas
  • Posters: always-on reminders and checklists to highlight program features
  • Employee badges: Show guests your employees are well trained with badges easily customized with individual names
  • Social media templates: broadcast your culture of clean to the world with these templates

Your Workforce is the Key to
Customer Confidence

Contact us today to ensure your frontline workers have the knowledge, skill, and confidence needed to protect your business, and protect your brand.