Labeling 101 for Your Frontline Workforce
Holly Mockus, Director, Content & Industry Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
It would be a news flash if mislabeling wasn’t the number one reason for food recalls in a year. Because, year in year out, labeling – often, but not always, due to undeclared allergens – is responsible for the most recalls. So what can a food manufacturer do to reduce these wasteful, and potentially dangerous, mistakes? Join this brief Webinar to learn and hopefully help prevent a recall.
How to Measure and Evaluate Your Training Program’s Effectiveness
Brian Williams, Sr. Manager, Plant Operations, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Eric Teague, Senior Consultant, Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
Is your training program just checking off boxes or is it actually improving employee performance? Since employee performance directly affects quality, safety, and output – it’s important to know! Join us for an insightful webinar to discover how you can measure your training program’s effectiveness and reach new heights!
Everything You Need to Know about GFSI Training Requirements…in 30 Minutes or Less
Laura Nelson, VP Food Safety, & Sustainability – Intertek Alchemy
The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has a variety of Certification Program Owners (CPO) to choose from, before you can proudly share you are GFSI certified with your customers. Employee training is a key part of all CPOs and of your food safety program. Join our Webinar to learn more about how to ensure that your training meets the requirements.
How to Make Training Stick: Reinforcement Tips & Tools for Success
Kenneth Foerster, Corporate EHS SR Manager - Associated Wholesale Grocers
Natalie Donaldson, Account Manager - Intertek Alchemy
Training on key topics cannot be a one-and-done exercise. Research confirms what we all know intuitively: up to 80% of initial training content is forgotten if not reinforced. How can you find time for repeat training on a topic when there’s always plenty of material still needing its first time on the training schedule? Join this complimentary webinar where we’ll answer this question and more.
Campaign Lean Manufacturing Training Webinar
Lean Manufacturing Training for Frontline Workers: The Key to Your Efficiency Efforts
Holly Mockus, Director, Content and Industry Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
Petra Sterwerf, Vice President Production Operations, Skyline Chili
Lean training historically isn’t geared toward frontline worker roles. But with nearly every manufacturer certain it would improve their efficiency efforts, it’s time to solve for that gap. Join this complimentary webinar to learn how.
Campaign OSHA Inspection Webinar
What Really Happens in an OSHA Inspection? How to Prepare and Pitfalls to Avoid
Rick Gehrke, Senior EHS Consultant, Intertek Alchemy
Have you ever wondered what would actually happen during an OSHA inspection? Or perhaps you need to prepare for an upcoming inspection? Better yet, you’re looking for tips to a robust safety program so OSHA never has a reason. Either way…this webinar is for you!
Alchemy Studios at Your Service: Course Customization, Development, Translation, and More
Steve Richie, Senior Art Director, Intertek Alchemy
Steven Tapia, Account Manager, Intertek Alchemy
Alchemy Creator can make it easy to customize courseware…if you have the time! Alchemy Studios – the same team that creates every course in your Alchemy library – is available to help with any course customization or development project. Join this brief webinar to learn more about the possibilities and process.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Documenting On-the-Floor Observations
Cristi Fernandez, Senior Training Manager, Campbells
Eric Teague, Senior Consultant, Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
One of the most important aspects of managing on-the-floor employees is keeping detailed documentation of their training comprehension, workplace performance, and pre-operational checklists. All of these factors contribute to your ability to pass any customer or regulatory audit with flying colors.
The Truth about Quiet Quitting and How to Prevent It
Laurel Harrington, HR Director – Manufacturing, Lactalis US Yogurt
Kristin Kastrup, Senior Consultant Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
In manufacturing, motivated employees are essential to prevent injuries, product defects, and food recalls. Disengaged employees have a devastating impact on your workplace culture and safety. Join this complimentary webinar to learn some tips from industry experts, to re-engage your employees and retain your workforce.
The FDA’s Food Traceability Rule: What, Why, and How – Plus Q&A with the FDA
Adam Friedlander, MS; Policy Analyst, Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation (CORE) Network, FDA
Angela Fields, MPH; Senior Consumer Safety Officer, Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation (CORE) Network, FDA
Laura Dunn Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy
Join this complimentary webinar as traceability experts from the FDA will introduce the core requirements of the new Food Traceability Rule, explain its exemptions, and help answer audience questions. The webinar will also include a look at potential solutions to streamline your implementation journey.