Alchemy’s Course
Creation Services:

When You Don’t Have Time for Creator,
We’ll Do It for You!

We know you’re busy. Slammed, even. We also know you love Alchemy Creator and the way it enhances your training courses — but that you might not have enough time to be using it to its full potential.

Enter Alchemy Course Creation Services!

We’ll take over:

  • Converting existing company courseware into Alchemy Creator courses
  • Converting company policies or training manuals into Alchemy courseware
  • Creating new custom courses to add to your Alchemy libraries

Your time is valuable. Converting dozens of courses and policies into Alchemy Creator courses is on your to-do list, but just not happening in a timely fashion, if at all. Think of us as an extension of your team who will do it for you.

Join us for this 30-minute webinar to see how Alchemy Course Creation Services takes projects off your plate.

Featured Panelists

Portrait - Chase Eastman

Chase Eastman,
VP – eCommerce & Courseware

Chase Currently Leads Alchemy’s courseware development team and the Alchemy Academy business unit. He was previously Alchemy’s Digital Marketing Manager. In 2016 he began development of Alchemy Academy, a new business-to-individual online learning channel. This opened a new market to Alchemy by gaining direct connection to end users. He drew on his experience in video production and online sales to drive dramatic growth. Prior to Alchemy, Chase spurred e-commerce innovation for The Liquidation Channel.


Wednesday, March 18th
12pm – 1pm CST

Webinar: Alchemy’s Course Creation Services – When You Don’t Have Time for Creator, We’ll Do It for You!