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The ROI of Training: How to Develop a Safe and Productive Workforce

Training a manufacturing workforce is not easy. You’re responsible for managing a safe and productive workforce — and now you’ve added the tremendous changes brought about by COVID-19. You may be able to guarantee your efforts, but can you guarantee results?

We can. Intertek Alchemy’s 17-year history with global brands has given us a thorough understanding of the pressures that manufacturers endure. Our integrated training solutions are geared toward your employee’s needs, to provide the ROI you need. Even during a global pandemic.

In this exclusive webinar, we will walk you through our proven solution for keeping your workforce safe, healthy and productive… all while adding time back into your day!

Join our discussion to learn how to:

  • Efficiently and effectively onboard employees
  • Keep critical training topics top of mind
  • Ensure the right behaviors on the plant floor
  • Develop an agile workforce for shifting production needs
  • Stay audit-ready and compliant

Featured Panelists

Portait - Speaker, Bryan Clopton
Bryan Clopton
Director of Sales at Intertek Alchemy

As the Director of Sales at Intertek Alchemy, Bryan Clopton is the driving force behind helping our partners in the manufacturing industry keep their workforce engaged, safe, and productive to positively impact their bottom line. A graduate of Baylor University, he has partnered with over 300 global food and manufacturing plants to help successfully implement robust safety cultures, drive operational excellence, and ensure an environment of continuous learning.


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