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You have a vision for your brand.

We exist to see it thrive.

Our mission is to see your vision thrive from store to store. At every level of your organization. We power real-time communication, collaboration, learning, and knowledge to ensure your C-suite and frontline are in sync with their operations.

We measure, optimize, and communicate KPIs and data indicators that affect your customer experience, and ultimately, your bottom line:

  • Speed of service
  • Transaction counts
  • Order accuracy
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Safeguard food and workplace safety

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The Ontrack Solution

Ontrack is unlike any other learning management, performance management, or communications platform that exists for one simple reason: it's all three. Completely customizable to the needs of your organization, Ontrack specializes in creating a continuous learning loop that feeds real-time communication that drives team performance, and your bottom line.

    • Create a culture of continuous learning
    • Close the gaps that preclude excellence
    • Watch your team’s performance thrive
The ONtrack Platform
  • Learning

Connect your workers to your brand vision by connecting with them.

Engaging today’s frontline workforce is equal parts art and science. Using native digital experiences, like gamification, competition, rewards, and cloud across social networks, Ontrack has developed the most effective learning platform in the industry. Designed to facilitate two-way communication, whenever one team member learns something new, the entire organization learns too.


To fully onboard today’s workers, give them ownership of the vision.

Employees who feel ownership of the brand are your best employees. That begins during onboarding. Our step-by-step guide ensures a solid and repeatable onboarding process, with embedded learning steps to ensure employees are given the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery and best practices. We also include feedback mechanisms that ensure continual review through their entire employment career.

Ontrack Learning Path

Show them the path, reward their progress, watch them flourish

Learning, progress tracking, and recognition have been proven to increase retention rates. Ontrack’s learning path puts your employees on a path to prosper. Using simple interface and gamification principles, Ontrack engages your employees with a competitive practice environment, allowing them to earn recognition in a peer-to-peer environment.

Knowledge Center

When one employee learns, the entire organization learns.

Social sharing is one of the most influential forces in creating a culture. Ontrack provides a social learning and sharing platform for real-time questions about everything from product to promotion, and delivers answers that directly affect that employee, at that location, on that shift.

  • Performance

What you don’t know can hurt your team’s performance.

Ontrack gives unit managers, regional managers, and corporate staff the ability to track, correct, and even predict performance lags. A full line of sight across your entire organization makes it easy to measure and improve each restaurant’s performance to critical YOY benchmarks and adherence to brand standards.

KPI Benchmarker

Understand your performance, then improve upon it.

Ontrack’s KPI Benchmarker keeps your management team supplied with real-time data across an array of customizable data points. Keep your finger on the pulse of whatever is most important to your organization, such as point of sale, speed of service, or even guest surveys. Ontrack aggregates and reports those KPIs automatically.

Procedures Management

Manage the manageable.

Gone are paper logs. Away with to-do lists. Ontrack makes managing routines and standards easy. It integrates data with your restaurants' KPIs to automatically draw attention to the things that really need to be managed, immediately.


Put everything important on a single screen.

Ontrack’s OpsCoach visualizes the day’s activities and results, immediately pulling focus to the things that can be improved on the spot in real time. Keeping your managers’ attention focused on their most important priorities.

  • Communications

Communication is the key to success.

At the heart of it all is a robust, real-time communications platform that connects employees tapped into the most important daily objectives and results, 24/7. Giving management, ownership, and corporate immediate insight into location performance.


Visualize the success. Broadcast for all to see.

OpsPulse is a digital signage tool that displays real-time KPI and performance data. Focused on the most important KPIs, like speed of service, transaction counts, learning milestones, and guest feedback data, your employees remain focused and engaged every minute of every shift.


Create dialogue, not a monologue.

OpsLink is a real-time 2-way communications tool that monitors and posts each location’s operational metrics and milestones. It also works to reinforce operational standards through daily polls and quizzes keeping everyone aware of issues, and focused on results.


Real feedback. Real-time.

Survey guests while their experience is fresh in their minds. Allowing your managers to follow up on guest concerns before they’re even out the door. Survey results are aggregated and displayed across the Ops suite of tools, including OpsPulse, OpsCoach, email, and KPI Benchmarker, to ensure the information is shared and actionable.


Find out how our solutions can help you optimize your frontline—and improve your bottom line.

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