Drive Retail Performance

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce

As a retailer, you face the daily challenges of tight profit margins, shrink, and injury claims that impact your bottom line. The actions of your associates and supervisors can either be your greatest asset or greatest liability. Alchemy helps align their behavior with your objectives. Our unique pre-built and custom learning, communications, and performance management solutions engage your associates and supervisors to:

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    Improve safety
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    Reduce shrink
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    Minimize time off the floor
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    Improve worker productivity

Proven results at over 10,000 retail locations


A complete system to optimize your workforce

Alchemy’s integrated learning, communications, and performance programs can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Pinpoint and fill knowledge gaps, reinforce objectives, and monitor and adjust performance to unlock the full potential of your frontline associates and supervisors.



Onboard and develop employees with relevant, short-burst training to address their specific job functions.



Strengthen your culture of loss prevention and safety with frontline associates using pre-built and customized tools and awareness messaging.



Enable managers to track and benchmark KPIs to continually improve both on-the-floor and back-room operational performance.

Build a culture of safety, quality, yield and productivity

Reduce lost work days, injuries, and worker’s comp costs with engaged learning, consistent reinforcement, and mobile coaching tools.

Minimize shrink with custom tools and programs to heighten associate engagement and drive bottom-line results.

Protect your customers, minimize risk, and safeguard your reputation with comprehensive learning, communications, and performance programs.

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Our Impact

Used by more than a million retail associates

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