Build a Strong Safety and Operations Culture

Leaders in high-risk food processing and manufacturing plants carry a hefty load. They are asked to ensure safe working environments and high quality products, but with minimal resources.

How can Alchemy help?

Simply put – Effective communication and employee engagement. We’ll help you build a strong safety culture with consistent messaging across all lines, shifts, and plants.

Here’s how we help your frontline employees, supervisors/managers and training facilitators.

For your frontline employees

  • Up-to-date content covering critical food safety, workplace safety and human resource topics
  • Multi-lingual courses that speak your employees’ language to ensure comprehension
  • Training that includes knowledge checks and fun games to maximize retention
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For your supervisors / managers

  • Audit ready reports available in real-time and ideal for unannounced audits
  • A mobile app for delivering and documenting on-the-job training and observations
  • A combination of print and digital assets to reinforce your message and keep it top-of-mind
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For your training facilitators

  • The ability to train individuals or groups, in timeframes ideal for periods of downtime
  • The option to customize content or create your own to meet facility specific needs
  • Automatic, electronic documentation of results, saving valuable staff time
Training in action - image

Alchemy Expert Consulting

In addition, our expert consultants can further help you protect your people, profits and brand. Learn more about:

  • Building a Food Safety & Quality System to meet regulatory and customer requirements
  • Creating a safer workplace with a Workplace Safety Assessment
  • Increasing safety, quality, yield and productivity with our Total Operational Performance System

Client Impact

King & Prince showed a 61% decrease in OSHA recordable incidents
Bigelow showed a 20% reduction in quality holds
ConAgra experienced a 32% increase in production efficiency

You can’t afford to wait any longer!

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Our Impact

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