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Customize Content with Alchemy Creator

Workers are more likely to pay attention, comprehend, and retain knowledge when training content features the same environment and context of their actual workplace. Use Alchemy Creator to easily add site-specific SOPs, photos, video, and more to customize Alchemy courses or build your own.


Professional Quality... No Technical Skills Required

Alchemy Creator makes it easy for anyone in your Learning & Development team to produce high quality courseware that can be delivered to large groups or via eLearning.

Whether using Alchemy-made courses with just a few tweaks, converting your existing materials, or building new courses from scratch, your frontline workforce will think a designer created them. Use Creator to edit or add:

  • Engaging photos and videos, like site-specific instructional demos
  • Voiceovers and captions for additional languages
  • Interactive quizzes to test comprehension
  • Remediation loops to assist struggling learners
  • “Game show” group competitions to foster engagement

If you know PowerPoint, you already know Alchemy Creator.

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Cut Course Development Time in Half

One big challenge of training is finding the time to create materials. Preparing courses, and keeping them current amid evolving regulations, takes time and energy. Alchemy Creator makes it easy to create or edit courses in a fraction of the time. So you can free up your time for other important tasks.


Sprechen sie “Safety?”

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Alchemy courses come in English, Spanish, and French with the ability to choose which language is heard, and which is displayed in subtitles. But what if your employees speak other languages? Alchemy Creator leverages automatic language translation. Easily insert audio and subtitles for additional languages, so you can deliver effective training to everyone on your team.