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No Resources? No Time? Securing Government Grants for Training Is Easier Than You Think!

Every year, over $80 billion in government job training funds and other incentives are left unclaimed. Some companies are simply unaware that employee training grants even exist, and some let the opportunity sail by because they are intimidated by the grant application process. Do you fall into one of these categories? You’re not alone!

You may not be aware of the funds out there because there is little to no marketing for these types of programs. And, sometimes companies feel it is easier to not apply because they do not have a dedicated resource to manage the process. Taking steps towards learning how to navigate the world of grants can have a powerful impact on your bottom line, as it offsets the cost of employee training. You can be reimbursed on training expenses such as salaries, technology used to train employees, and supplies. That’s a lot of money!

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