Change Behaviors,
Build Cultures with Intertek Catalyst


Foster a positive workplace culture with impactful communication programs. Intertek Catalyst is Alchemy's custom communications program, aligned to your specific safety, operations, and asset protection objectives. Our proven process includes a gap analysis to determine the specific communication strategy, methods, and tools to execute your custom program.


Reduce Safety Incidents & Injuries


Intertek Catalyst will create an internal brand that becomes the instantly recognizable symbol of your communication initiatives. In the same way that the Nike swoosh implies athletics or Volvo signifies safe cars, your brand will come to stand for your safety, operations, or loss prevention program.

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See examples of our internal branding.

Deliver More Effective Communications, More Efficiently


Intertek Catalyst's full service creative studios are able to design and produce everything needed for effective, world-class employee communications. Our award winning creative teams are comprised of writers, designers, illustrators, and animators with extensive experience in a wide variety of industries. We create:

  • Award Winning Art Direction & Design
  • 3D Character Development
  • Animation (2D and 3D)
  • Video
  • Photography
  • 360° Video & Photography
  • Infographics
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Virtual Reality

Engage Your Employees and Overcome the Forgetting Curve


Training lays the foundation. But unless reinforced, essential messaging can become subject to the "forgetting curve." Your strategically delivered multi-touch communication program will reinforce training, increase retention, and correct team member behaviors.

Intertek Catalyst will customize your program based on analysis of what methods will work best for your particular organization, including:

  • Communication Centers
  • Posters
  • Digital Signage
  • Email Campaigns
  • Learning Modules

  • Videos
  • LMS Content
  • Promotional Items
  • Guided Supervisor Talks
  • And more

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See how Intertek Catalyst reverses the forgetting curve.

Leverage Technology for Optimum Results


On demand, drill down reporting through an easy-to-use interface informs supervisors who needs to be trained on what, and when. Armed with smart, real-time data, you can make timely, impactful responses to problem areas and drive continuous improvement throughout your operations.

  • Identify knowledge and performance gaps — and close them quickly
  • Reduce administration time and shorten feedback loop
  • Focus supervisor efforts where they are most needed
  • Utilize smart eLearning that adapts on-the-fly based on employee’s role, location, and tenure
  • Provide instant, automated remediation — and track the results


Drive Continuous Improvement to Reduce Incidents


Intertek Catalyst’s branded custom communication programs are built for scalability and longevity. Our clients achieve continued year-over-year improvements in OSHA recordable incidents, lost time incidents, loss prevention initiatives, and operational objectives.