Advance Safety, Quality,
and Productivity

Say Hello to Your Optimized Workforce

Every day your frontline workers directly impact product quality, yield, and workplace safety — and as a result, they directly affect your bottom line.

Alchemy engages frontline workers and their supervisors to:

Ensure safe working environments Ensure safe working environments
Deliver safe, quality food Deliver safe, quality food
Maximize product yields Maximize product yields
Improve worker productivity Improve worker productivity

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Our client results include:

Reduction in Osha Recordable Incidents
Reduction in quality holds
increase of production efficiency

A complete system to optimize your workforce

Alchemy’s integrated learning, communications, and performance programs are essential to workforce optimization. With over a decade of experience in the food industry, our innovative technologies are tailored to meet your needs and drive bottom line results.

Optimized Workforce
Food Industry Workforce Learning


Develop and retain a diverse workforce with innovative learning programs specifically designed for the food industry.

Food Industry Workplace Communications


Continually reinforce safety and operational objectives with communication programs that keep frontline employees engaged.

Food Industry Workplace Performance


Empower workers and supervisors with tools and services to increase safety, quality, and productivity.

Build a culture of safety, quality, yield and productivity

Minimize risk, meet regulatory and customer requirements, and protect your brand.

Reduce injuries, minimize lost work time, and lower worker’s compensation claims.

Maximize product yield and raise worker productivity to expand profit margins.


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Our Impact

Used by 2 million workers at food companies of all sizes

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