Foster engagement. Verify compliance.

Training is essential. No-brainer. But how can you verify and document training is correctly applied on the floor? That mystery has been solved with Alchemy Coach™.

Alchemy Coach is essential for our supervisor team. It drives one-on-one time with our employees, and it also drives employee engagement and involvement.
— Gary Burns, Plant Manager, Rudolph Foods

Measuring Training
Effectiveness Just Got Easier

The Intertek Alchemy learning platform verifies employees understood the training as they received it. Add Alchemy Coach to the mix to go one step a giant leap further. Supervisors use pre-built “observations” to validate employees are correctly applying their training on the floor.

Digitally verify and document employee performance to SOPs and regulatory requirements.
Utilize customizable Alchemy observations and build your own.
Provide scripted corrective actions if an employee is not performing correctly.
Create a continuous learning environment, reinforcing training and introducing new skills.
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We use Coach on a daily basis to create a continuous learning environment. Employees enjoy using the same technology they use at home here at work.
— Cole Smith, Training Coordinator, Cascade Coffee

Employee Coaching
Just Got Easier Too

Coaching employees to improve performance, culture, and retention is seen as mission-critical to most manufacturing companies. But not every team leader is a natural mentor, especially when correcting behaviors. Alchemy Coach builds confidence in supervisors that funnels down to the entire team.

Provide leaders structured conversations and coaching tactics.
Ensure consistent communications across all leaders, lines, shifts, and locations.
Develop, monitor, and track coaching plan for employees.
Foster dialogue and engagement to strengthen culture and drive retention.
Alchemy Coach has been that uniting factor between managers and floor employees. It’s been really great for us.
— Tony Salazar, Training Manager, Ventura Foods

Coaching Improves
Employee Performance

Training can’t be seen as a one-and-done exercise. And that’s a fact. Proven by data. Following up training with on-the-floor coaching can lead to a 94% compliance rate to SOPs and regulatory standards.

Percentage of employees correctly performing tasks:

Watch how Alchemy Coach fosters collaboration to drive engagement and performance.
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