Lean Manufacturing Training for Your Entire Workforce

Your production efficiency objectives can't work without execution from your entire workforce. Telling your workers what to do isn't enough. Workers that understand why are much more engaged in the effort and motivated to succeed.

Our Complete Lean Toolset

In most facilities, only a few senior leaders receive lean training. In order to fill this gap, we created lean manufacturing training that is engineered for both frontline workers and supervisors. Our lean toolset will provide your entire workforce with everything they need to support and adopt lean principles in manufacturing.

Benefits of this Lean Manufacturing Training Library:

Increase production efficiency and reduce waste
Arrows on target
Align workforce to company goals
People chatting
Improve team collaboration and communication
College graduation cap
Provide career growth opportunities to reduce turnover
Mental ligtning bolt
Create higher engagement
Dollar sign
No travel expense for supervisor-level training

Lean Manufacturing Courses for
Your Entire Workforce

Intertek Alchemy’s lean manufacturing library ensures your entire production staff is on the same page in your efficiency initiatives. Each course comes in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.

Frontline Worker Courses:
  • Lean: Introduction
  • Lean: Waste Types
  • Lean: Data Integrity
  • Lean: Identifying Solutions
  • Lean: 5S Overview
Courses for Supervisors/Managers:
  • ABCs of Lean
  • Categories of Waste
  • Documenting Activities — Value Stream Mapping, Workflow Diagrams
  • Examining Data — Spreadsheets, Pareto Charts, Five Why's
  • Identifying Solutions — Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams
  • Identifying Solutions — Kaizen, PDCA
  • Implementing Solutions — Kanban, Performance Management Boards
  • Implementing Solutions — Line Balancing, Takt Time, Pull Systems, Changeovers
  • Implementing Solutions — Workplace Organization
  • Verifying Solutions — Standardization, Audits
  • The Alchemy of Lean Final Exam