Customize Alchemy courses
with your site-specific content

The Alchemy Training System comes with hundreds of industry-specific courses. You can use the courses as-is or choose to make edits and variations to meet your site-specific needs with the Alchemy Creator™ course authoring tool.

Our clients say it’s one of their favorite parts of our training system. Why? People learn more easily when the training courses reflect their actual work environment and processes.

Quickly edit existing Alchemy courses, tailoring them to meet your needs.
Instantly translate any course into over 80 languages.
Easily add site-specific photos, videos, and work instructions.
Insert company-specific questions to ensure comprehension of standards.
Laptop Courses

Create your own courses with our
simple course-authoring software

Other course-authoring software solutions are often more confusing than helpful. The Alchemy Training System includes Alchemy Creator, a PowerPoint plugin that is easy to use. This enables anyone to incorporate award-winning adult-learning elements into their courses. The result transforms a boring slide presentation into an interactive training experience.

Create Custom Training
Create engaging, company-specific trainings in a fraction of the time.
re-train workers
Incorporate remediation loops to correct/re-train workers who don’t understand.
Quiz Templates
Utilize pre-built quiz templates to verify and document understanding.
Multi-Lingual Course
Create bilingual courses in more than 80 built-in languages.
Add an interactive gameshow to build friendly competition and gamification.
Courses can be used to train groups of employees or individuals via eLearning.
I am not a high-tech technical wizard, but Alchemy Creator™ is a breeze to make really meaningful content for our plants.
— Tony Salazar, Training Manager, Ventura Foods

Need a more mobile-first course authoring tool for on-the-floor training? Intertek Alchemy has you covered there too. Check out Alchemy Playbook.

Hear how clients use Alchemy Creator to “revolutionize our training system.”
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