Build an OJT program that works.

Create and deliver task-specific training right on the floor with Alchemy Playbook™ to ensure on the job training (OJT) is 100% consistent and accurate.

Prior to Playbook, it was all tribal knowledge, which as time goes on will leave out three or four different steps. Playbook fixes that.
— Dave Lambert, Senior EHS Manager, Ajinomoto North America

Create Task-specific
Training Right on the Floor

Creating SOPs is almost as painful as learning from SOPs. So, let’s all agree to stop the torture. Transform your operations with Alchemy Playbook™ — one app that will replace your SOP binders for good. Best of all, Alchemy Playbook works on all iOS, Android, and Windows devices – even when no WiFi is available.

Record video and take photos of employees properly performing a task.
Turn videos into training courses by adding step-by-step text instructions.
Add quiz questions to solidify learning and document learner understood training.
Ensure all on-the-job training is centrally vetted, approved, and easily governed.
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Watch this video demonstration to see how easy it is!

Standard Work Instructions:
Consistent Training
Anytime, Anywhere

On-the-job training is often taught as many different ways as there are people in the plant. Not anymore. With Alchemy Playbook, anyone delivering OJT is using the same pre-approved training courses created and approved by operations and safety leaders in Playbook.

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Deliver OJT training with any mobile device, even if no WiFi is available.
Provide detailed task instructions right where work will be performed.
Improve learner experience with visual work instructions instead of SOP binders.
Prevent shortcuts and bad habits spreading – common pitfalls of job shadowing.
All training activity digitally documented, and feeds into your job qualification engine.

Foster Collaboration, Participation, and Retention

Use Alchemy Playbook to record your high performers doing work, which becomes training for newcomers to the position. The collaborative process motivates everyone takes ownership of job training, job performance, and career growth.

Want to learn more cross-training and upskilling best practices? Read this complimentary eBook, Keys to Attract, Develop, and Retain.

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Watch how Alchemy Playbook standardizes on-the-job training and provides your employees with growth opportunities.
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