Our Unmatched Commitment to the Food Industry


Alchemy partners with leading food organizations to advance best practices and industry initiatives. These partnerships allow us to share our expertise to ensure a safe food supply.

Industry partnerships


Safe Quality Food (SQF)

The SQF Institute has exclusively partnered with Alchemy to develop an interactive online course covering SQF Code requirements. The course helps SQF suppliers, practitioners, consultants, instructors, and auditors understand the SQF Code, meet food quality standards, and earn certification. Alchemy also powers the online SQF Certification exam.

Alchemy provides a full range of support for companies seeking to implement and sustain SQF certification, from the implementation course and exam to expert consulting services, SQF-specific training for frontline workers, and SQF-relevant on-the-floor observation, coaching, and communications programs.

Learn more about SQF certification.

Register for the “Implementing SQF Systems” course and exam.

Download the Alchemy SQF Offerings partner brief.


Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

FMI has exclusively partnered with Alchemy on a suite of online SafeMark food handler and food manager courses to ensure a safe, productive, and profitable food retail environment.

Learn more about FMI SafeMark Food Handler and Food Manager courses.



Ecolab has exclusively partnered with Alchemy to develop training courses focusing on cleaning, sanitizing, chemical safety, and pest elimination in food processing. These courses help employees understand the proper methods for using Ecolab’s products and ensure cleaner, safer and more cost-effective operations.

Download the Ecolab partner brief.


Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Alchemy and Instructional Technologies, Inc. deliver PRO-TREAD driver training to food transportation professionals. PRO-TREAD enables food companies to improve driver safety, lower insurance rates, and reduce lawsuits and provides Alchemy customers with a transport safety training program for the entire supply chain.

Learn more about Alchemy’s transportation solution.

Download the PRO-TREAD partner brief.


Bettcher Industries, Inc.

Alchemy and Bettcher have created 45 exclusive Trimmer operation and application courses for pork, chicken, and beef. The courses accelerate onboarding and provide efficient refresher training to improve yield and minimize safety concerns.

Learn more about how Bettcher can help increase yield & productivity.

Download the Bettcher partner brief.


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Our Impact

Association partnerships

Alchemy partners with these leading food organizations and nonprofits to further the effectiveness of food science, help ensure safe, high-quality products for consumers, and aid food producers in their efforts to sustain responsive and responsible operations.

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To become a partner, please contact us.

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