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Alchemy Partners with Bettcher Industries to Provide New Training Resources for Protein Processing Operations

New resources developed by industry experts for driving increases in yield and productivity

January 15th, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas — Alchemy, the global leader of safety and productivity solutions for front line workers, has partnered with Bettcher Industries, a leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment for the meat industry, to provide new production enhancing resources for protein operations.

With over 80 years combined experience in the food industry, Alchemy and Bettcher have created a new employee training ‘best practice’ for the meat industry. The program leverages Bettcher’sWhizard® Series II and Quantum® Meat Trimmer cutting tools and Alchemy’s dynamic workforce training platform. Utilizing intelligence gathered via millions of training records from protein processors across the nation, the program is designed to aid in faster on-boarding and more efficient refresher trainings to support protein processors’ mission of improving yield potential and minimizing operational concerns.

“We have always believed that well-trained operators of our tools are the safest and most productive operators long-term for their company. By utilizing Alchemy’s training platform, we can facilitate the proper use and application of our tools in a new way that helps create additional value for Bettcher customers.” – Paul Pirozzola, VP Marketing Bettcher Industries.

“Alchemy is known for our expertise and focus on the education of the front-line worker”

Unengaged, inexperienced, or poorly trained workers can cost protein processors up to 59% in lost revenue from underutilized yield potential. To fully optimize the production line and protect revenue potential not only requires the proper tools, but also requires proper training and use of those tools.

“Alchemy is known for our expertise and focus on the education of the front-line worker,” stated Laura Dunn-Nelson, vice-president of Technical Services and Business Development for Alchemy. “Our recent behavioral change study demonstrates the long-term benefits of front-line food worker engagement. The results show that the combination of effective training, corrective observations, and coaching can improve productivity performance by up to 26 percentage points.”

The announcement comes in advance of the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta where Laura Nelson will be presenting the educational session, “The true cost of an inexperienced and poorly trained production workforce.” To learn more about how Bettcher and Alchemy can help optimize yield potential for protein processors, IPPE attendees can stop by booth #B5647.

Bettcher’s training courses for the Whizard Series II and Quantum Trimmer products will be offered by Bettcher’s field team of Yield Specialists.

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About Alchemy

Alchemy is the global leader in innovative solutions that help food and retail companies engage with their workforces to drive productivity and safety. More than 3 million frontline workers at 50,000 locations use Alchemy’s tailored learning, communications, and performance programs to safeguard food, reduce workplace injuries, and improve operations.

About Bettcher

Headquartered in Northeastern Ohio, USA, Bettcher Industries, Inc. is an ISO 9001-certified, vertically integrated manufacturing company with a global customer base and direct distribution and service in 64 countries throughout the world. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative equipment for food processing, foodservice, industrial, medical and other operations. Established in 1944, Bettcher Industries brings seven decades of successful innovation to the market, including holding more than 120 active patents. Phone: (440) 965-4422. Website address: