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Intertek Alchemy’s New Health and Wellness Resources Help Manufacturers Retain and Engage Employees

New Training Courses Enhance Employee Well-Being at Home and Work

Austin, Texas – March 1, 2023  –  Intertek Alchemy, a global leader in workforce training solutions, today announced resources to help manufacturers retain and engage workers by addressing issues that negatively impact  employee stress at home and work.

Today’s manufacturing workers are under enormous stress stemming from the aftereffects of the pandemic, inflation, and overall global uncertainty. This combination has created a workforce that is less engaged and far more likely to quit or perform the bare minimum needed to keep their jobs, which can  have a devastating impact on safety and quality.

“Employee retention and engagement have become critical issues for manufacturers competing in a highly-competitive labor market, especially as it relates to food and workplace safety,” said Intertek Alchemy President Darrin Harkness. “In this current climate, employees need more than financial incentives to stay on the job. They need a company that values them as a whole person. Intertek Alchemy’s latest additions will help make that connection by giving employers ready-to-use resources to help employees reduce physical and mental stress at home and at work.”


New Employee Well-Being Training Courses

Intertek Alchemy’s employee well-being resources include new training programs that address stresses outside of work, such as transporation, money management, and exercise and diet. The courses can be taken by anyone, but are designed for  younger workers entering the workforce for the first time, as well as immigrant populations new to the U.S. labor market. The courses educate workers on life skills such as personal health, finances, and housing, alleviating outside stressors and helping them become more engaged and productive at work and home.

The courses are available in  English, Spanish and French-Canadian languages, and in group-based learning formats and eLearning options. They include:

  • Physical Wellness  to help employees develop habits that boost their physical health, including preventative care, physical fitness, and changes to their diets.
  • Goals and Time Management – to  help employees take control of their lives through goal setting and time-management tools that increase productivity.
  • Financial Literacy on Money Management – to teach the basics of setting up a bank account, building an emergency fund, putting together a budget, and making spending decisions that support a healthy financial future.
  • Financial Literacy on Credit and Debt – to help employees understand how to use credit and loans wisely. The course provides insight into selecting and using credit cards, managing loans, avoiding predatory lenders, and eliminating existing debt.
  • Housing Basics – to compare different housing options, provide an overview of renters’ rights, and introduce employees to the different steps involved in leasing or buying a place to live.
  • Transportation Basics – to examine transportation options. It compares buying and leasing cars, looks at the process of selecting a car insurance policy, and considers alternative forms of transportation such as bicycling and taking the bus.
In this current climate, employees need more than financial incentives to stay on the job...Intertek Alchemy’s latest additions will help make that connection by giving employers ready-to-use resources to help employees reduce physical and mental stress at home and at work.

Onsite Consultants to Create Cross-Training and Upskilling Programs

Intertek Alchemy provides onsite consultants who can help clients develop cross-training and upskilling programs that provide employees with an opportunity for growth. Employees learn how to put new skills to use across their work environment, giving them an opportunity to develop new skills and relationships with other employees, and understand how their roles impact the company’s organizational strategy.

Employees who cross train can develop more skills that lead to higher pay. In the process, their pay increases can help them gain balance with the higher wages paid to attract new employees. Cross-training and upskilling can play a major role in engaging employees, creating highly motivated employees who care about their jobs, their employers, and customers.


eBook – The Truth About Quiet Quitting

Intertek Alchemy is offering an eBook – The Truth About Quiet Quitting in Manufacturing that  examines the root causes and what actionable steps companies can take to prevent it from happening at their facilities. The eBook offers best practices that can serve as a blueprint towards a more motivated, engaged workforce. The eBook is available to download at no charge

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