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Intertek Alchemy Releases Study to Support Food Industry in Improving Safety Training Programs

August 4th, 2020

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Intertek Alchemy, a global leader in training for the food industry, released the results of Its sixth annual Global Food Safety Training Survey in the new report, “Overcoming Food Safety Training Challenges: Data Analysis & Insights from the Global Food Safety Training Survey.” The survey compiled responses from 1,200 food safety training professionals representing nearly 5,000 food manufacturing facilities. The resulting report is an industry benchmarking tool for companies to assess their food safety training programs and to adopt actionable best practices identified in the report.

Survey responses indicate that companies are largely embracing the evolution from delivering food
safety training to developing a food safety culture, with:

  • 114 percent more companies conducting food safety culture audits;
  • 60 percent more using culture level to measure the value of training;
  • and 74 percent saying they understand what is meant by a “food safety culture” and what it takes to build and sustain a strong one.

Survey results also indicate room for improvement as:

  • 67 percent of companies say they have employees not following food safety programs on the floor;
  • only 37 percent use technology to manage food safety training, leading to a host of gaps and deficiencies;
  • and 75 percent do not document on-the-floor behavior evaluation.

The survey is a wonderful resource that helps companies benchmark compared to their peers, and continuously improve their own food safety training programs.

Laura Nelson, Vice President of Food Safety at Intertek Alchemy, said: “The survey is a wonderful resource that helps companies benchmark compared to their peers, and continuously improve their own food safety training programs. Food safety and training leaders can use the findings to gain internal support for the resources their organization needs to meet the industry’s evolving training needs. This is just one way we remain committed to our goal of helping customers with powering their workforce.”

The full report is available for complimentary download at


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