Drive the Workers That
Drive Your Bottom Line


Reduce Injuries, Increase Productivity

Your warehouse workers and drivers have a direct impact on safety and productivity. Our integrated training, communication, and reinforcement programs are built for the specific needs of manufacturers, distributors, and transportation companies.

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Watch how we steer your peers to solve their distribution challenges.

Built for the Unique Challenges of Distribution Workers

Most training and engagement solutions are built for the office.
Alchemy is built for the warehouse ... and the road.

Physical work in high-risk environments

Remote drivers rarely in facilities

High turnover, seasonality,
& temp workers

New legislation & evolving
OSHA regulations



Ensure Safe, Efficient Warehouse Operations

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Alchemy's integrated training and reinforcement tools ensure your warehouse workers have the knowledge and confidence to be productive and safe. Our programs cover warehouse-specific topics, including:

  • Material Handling
  • Warehouse Slips, Trips, & Falls
  • High Lift Operations
  • Pallet Truck Operations
  • Maintaining the Cold Chain
  • Loading & Receiving Area Food Safety
  • Pre-load Temperature Checks
  • Safe Pallet Building
  • And many more

World-class training is only the beginning. Alchemy's coaching and reinforcement solutions equip supervisors with tools to create continuous employee engagement and verify behaviors are correctly — and consistently — applied on the floor.


Improve Driver Safety & Performance

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See how PRO-TREAD through Alchemy is "a life saver & money saver."

Get highly targeted training for truck drivers and transportation managers. In addition to Alchemy courses, we've partnered with industry leader PRO-TREAD to deliver relevant driver training through our innovative learning platform.

Improve fleet safety, CSA scores, and employee engagement with Alchemy. More than 70 driver-specific courses include:

  • DOT requirements
  • Sanitary Transport Rule
  • Emergency Driving Maneuvers
  • Winter Driving
  • Hazmat
  • Cargo Loading
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Cold Chain
  • Workplace Safety
  • And many more

Solve Distribution’s #1 Training Challenge: Remote Drivers

Ensure on-the-road drivers receive proper training. And easily prove it with automatic recordkeeping and centralized reporting.

  • Accommodate driver schedules with eLearning delivery
  • Create and track learning plans for individuals or groups
  • Stay audit-ready 24/7 with on-demand training history
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