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“Always making the right decision.”

John Taylor, Director of Learning & Development, Ventura Foods

Ventura Foods created a continuous learning environment to maintain consistency across multiple plants. Digital coaching tools like Alchemy Coach helped reinforce and verify correct behavior was applied. Hear how Ventura Foods used Alchemy’s program to meet FSMA requirements.

“Being the best in all that we do.”

Robert Munoz, Learning & Development Manager, JBS

Alchemy Coach is a reinforcement tool that complements Alchemy’s training program by ensuring employees retain training and apply knowledge correctly. Hear how Alchemy assisted JBS to improve performance and fulfill their mission to help people be their best. 

“Please ask me about training.”

Eric Teague, Quality Systems Supervisor, AdvancePierre Foods

AdvancePierre Foods needed to train a diverse workforce. They used Alchemy Creator to build site-specific training in six different languages, saving time while increasing engagement. When you hear Eric relay how his team applauded their new training program, you'll clap, too.

"The best training and reinforcement possible."

Amanda Moss, Human Resources Manager, Chudleigh's

When Chudleigh’s discovered they faced a common challenge in the food industry: strong onboarding training, but weak ongoing and refresher training — they turned to Alchemy. Listen to Amanda explain how her team used Alchemy’s Communications to underscore onboarding.

“Alchemy is a life saver.”

Ed Kaplan, Regional Operations Manager – Safety, Dawn Foods Distribution

Alchemy solves distribution challenges and helped reduce Dawn Foods’ TRIR (recordable injuries) nearly in half for over eight years. Alchemy also helped Dawn Foods overcome the task of training remote drivers. Hear Ed from Dawn Foods tout Alchemy’s ability to document training.

“I can’t stress how valuable Alchemy is.”

Tony Salazar, Training Manager, Ventura Foods

Alchemy’s versatile platform allows companies to train up to 150 employees at once — in 15 minutes or less. Digital Alchemy Coach fosters continuous improvement of performance and engagement. Hear Tony from Ventura Foods get excited about Alchemy uniting management and employees.

“This is the right solution for us.”

Mike Habel, Operations Learning Leader, Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods has a wide range of operational needs requiring different solutions. One challenge was delivering effective, site-specific training across a network of plants and ag facilities. Listen to Mike discuss how Alchemy courseware helped engagement and follow-through.

“I love Alchemy.”

Apryl Washington, Human Resources, Creative Werks Packaging

Alchemy solves for packaging, too. Creative werks uses Alchemy to see gaps in training and performance, saving hours of time. Alchemy also goes beyond customer support to create a true partnership. Hear Apryl explain how creative werks builds instant trust with their customers.

“A one-stop learning resource.”

Jeremy Melvin, Learning & Development Supervisor, West Liberty Foods

West Liberty Foods turned to Alchemy’s courseware to engage their workforce. Designed by industry experts with exciting interactive content, Alchemy courses are up-to-date and easy to understand. Listen to Jeremy discuss how they used Alchemy to develop their workforce.

“You can’t beat what Alchemy has to offer.”

Cindy Fedde, Training Coordinator, Dorada Foods

Consistency is key in manufacturing, especially when scaling across plants. Dorada Foods uses Alchemy to deliver consistent messaging, resulting in greater production and a stronger safety culture. Cindy tells how Alchemy helped improve Dorada's OSHA Safety index number.

“A more knowledgeable workforce, in a fraction of the time.”

Cole Smith, Training Coordinator, Cascade Coffee

Co-manufacturers face unique challenges. Cascade turned to Alchemy to help deliver specific instructions to workers regarding customers’ products — while keeping up the pace of production. Listen as Cole explains how Alchemy improved Cascade’s productivity with Alchemy Coach.

“We benefit tremendously from Alchemy.”

Phalone Clayton, Senior QA Technician, Red Diamond

Flexibility is critical to production for most manufacturing operations. Red Diamond uses Alchemy’s versatile platform to keep lines rolling — while ensuring employees receive regular refreshers to reinforce training. Hear how Alchemy’s flexibility helped improve operations.

“Alchemy helps me sleep peacefully.”

James Hatch, Operations Training Supervisor, Idahoan Foods

A challenge all manufacturers face is ensuring consistency in worker knowledge and performance across shifts, lines, and facilities. Listen to James discuss how Alchemy helped Idahoan Foods identify gaps in training so they could focus efforts efficiently and achieve consistency.

“The possibilities are endless.”

Brian Williams, Safety Manager, AdvancePierre Foods

This plant reduced workers’ comp costs by 97% by sustaining a total incident rate of 1.32 — as well as reduced injuries and raised performance. The only difference from one year to the next? Alchemy. Hear how Brian shed “tears of joy” with Alchemy's much simpler reporting system.