Reinforce on the Floor, Record in the Cloud

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Discover how your peers use Coach to boost productivity.

Foster Engagement. Verify Compliance.

Imagine if you could clone your best supervisor. Now you can. Alchemy Coach is a powerful mobile app that strengthens supervisor/employee relationships and ensures correct, consistent behaviors across all lines, shifts, and locations.


Observe — and Correct — Behavior in Real Time

Alchemy Coach fosters positive reinforcement through on-the-floor "observations." Supervisors can use Alchemy’s pre-built observations for coaching on safety, GMPs, and SOPs — or create your own site-specific observations.

Observe - Correct Behavior

Develop Stronger Supervisors

Set your supervisors up for success. Not every team leader feels comfortable with one-on-one communication — especially when correcting behaviors. Alchemy Coach provides simple structured conversations, which can be extra helpful for newer leaders. Coach builds confidence in supervisors that funnels down to the entire team.


Foster Supervisor/Employee Engagement

Studies show workers who feel valued are more likely to remain in their jobs. Alchemy Coach observations foster dialogue between employees and supervisors that improve employee performance and retention.

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Get All Your Supervisors on the Same Page

Your supervisors are the link between management and frontline workers. Use structured observations to ensure all employees are following safety and operations procedures across all lines, shifts, department, and plants.

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