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Intertek Alchemy Launches Lean Training Library for All Levels of the Manufacturing Workforce

New Training Courses Connect Frontline Workers and Management with a Common Goal of Identifying and Eliminating Waste

Austin, Texas – June 13, 2023  –  Intertek Alchemy, a global leader in workforce training solutions, today announced new training resources to help frontline employees and managers understand and adopt lean manufacturing principles. The new training is part of the company’s Lean Manufacturing Library of eLearning and group training courses, combining instruction for frontline workers, supervisors, and managers to pursue a common goal of improving efficiencies and profits.


Historically, frontline workers have been left out of lean training even though 72% of manufacturers say production would increase and 91% believe their workers would be more engaged in efficiency efforts if they understood lean principles and objectives. Yet only 40% of manufacturers provide lean training to frontline workers.*


The new Intertek Alchemy frontline worker lean training courses close that gap by training both frontline workers and their managers to understand the “why” behind the “what” of lean manufacturing, encouraging them to adopt and accelerate lean principles. The courses provide real-world, practical approaches to identifying and eliminating waste. The Lean Manufacturing Library is part of the Alchemy Training Systems larger course catalog, which includes hundreds of courses in safety, quality, HR, and more for manufacturing companies.


“Lean principles consistently help companies achieve operational efficiencies and improve profits. However, managers and supervisors can’t do it alone,” said Intertek Alchemy President Darrin Harkness. “After all, frontline workers have the most direct impact on production quality and quotas. When employees fully understand lean manufacturing and its benefits, they are empowered to contribute to a collaborative effort that improves productivity and helps companies grow and thrive. It also gives frontline workers opportunities for growth.”

When employees fully understand lean manufacturing and its benefits, they are empowered to contribute to a collaborative effort that improves productivity and helps companies grow and thrive.

Intertek Alchemy designed its Lean Manufacturing Library courses to be industry agnostic, helping organizations from food manufacturing to automotive plants and more. Training for frontline workers, supervisors, and managers is available under the same package and includes a resource guide so participants can practice what they have learned. Each course comes in English, Spanish, and Canadian French and can be instantly translated into other languages using the Alchemy Training System’s built-in translation and customization plugin.


Training for frontline workers includes:

  • Lean: Introduction
  • Lean: Waste Types
  • Lean: Data Integrity
  • Lean: Identifying Solutions
  • Lean: 5S Overview


Training for managers includes:

  • ABCs of Lean
  • Categories of Waste
  • Documenting Activities: Value Stream Mapping, Workflow Diagrams
  • Examining Data – Spreadsheets, Pareto Charts, Five Whys
  • Identifying Solutions – Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams
  • Identifying Solutions – Kaizen, PDCA
  • Implementing Solutions – Kanban, Performance Management Boards
  • Implementing Solutions – Line Balancing, Takt Time, Pull Systems, Changeovers
  • Implementing Solutions – Workplace Organization
  • Verifying Solutions – Standardization, Audits
  • The Alchemy of Lean Final Exam

*Source: Industry Survey, “The Regulatory, Economic, and Workforce Trends that Will Shape 2023,” Intertek Alchemy

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