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Bring Operations to Full Speed

Increase yield, boost productivity, and reduce waste. Your frontline workforce is the key to all three. Alchemy's solutions ensure employees have the knowledge and confidence to elevate operational performance.

Our Client Results Include:


lift in production efficiency

— ConAgra Foods

fewer quality complaints

— Vanee Foods

extra units produced

— Bigelow Tea


We’ve literally seen a turnaround like you’d never believe. We saw our production efficiency start to climb. I look at the cost of Alchemy, and I look at what the payback is — it’s a no-brainer.

— Randy Josephs, VP of Operations

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Increase Yield and Reduce Holds


When your employees perform their best, two things happen: your customers stay happy and your production increases. Ensure workers understand and follow key SOPs by using Alchemy to build facility- and task-specific training. The flexible platform makes it easy to incorporate gamification, knowledge verification, and remediation loops to build engagement and retention.

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Watch Bigelow reduce customer holds while lifting productivity.

Drive Consistency Across Shifts and Locations

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See how Alchemy helps your peers drive consistency in operations.


Get your teams on the same page. Alchemy ensures consistent messaging, training, and coaching is easily delivered across all lines, shifts, and plants. When everyone works together, productivity hums.

Minimize Time Off the Floor

A major challenge in manufacturing is balancing training to ensure quality with the need to keep production rolling at all times. The Alchemy platform is built specifically to overcome this challenge.


training sessions

Quick, focused


Pinpoint gaps and
close them

Turn downtime into
group training


Empower Frontline Workers to Work Smart


When every employee is an expert in their role, efficiency and yield increase. Alchemy training and courseware build employee knowledge quickly. And our coaching and reinforcement solutions build their confidence to take the right action at every opportunity.

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