Alchemy Propels


Increase Productivity, Decrease Waste

Alchemy helps manufacturers and restaurants increase productivity across all shifts and locations. Our integrated programs quickly build employee proficiency, identify gaps, and keep production moving full speed. When everyone works together, mountains can move.

Our Client Results Include:


lift in production efficiency

— ConAgra Foods

fewer quality complaints

— Vanee Foods

extra units produced

— Bigelow Tea


We’ve literally seen a turnaround like you’d never believe. We saw our production efficiency start to climb. I look at the cost of Alchemy, and I look at what the payback is — it’s a no-brainer.

— Randy Josephs, VP of Operations

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Empower Frontline Workers to Work Smart


When every employee is an expert in their role, efficiency and yield increase. Alchemy training and courseware build employee knowledge quickly. And our coaching and reinforcement solutions build their confidence to take the right action at every opportunity.

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From cutting quality complaints in half to reducing quality holds by 20%, we have seen positive effects that are attributed to well-trained employees, thanks to Alchemy.

— Jim Gildea, Plant Manager

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Optimize Manufacturing Operations

Alchemy powers productivity. Develop custom courses related to your production equipment and processes to optimize operational efficiency. Our multi-touch program also standardizes operational training to reduce injuries and incidents that slow down production. Thousands of manufacturers use Alchemy to:

Increase yield &
reduce quality holds

Improve task-specific

Drive consistency across
lines, shifts, & locations

Minimize time
off the floor


Raise Restaurant Performance

Raise Restaurant Performance

Enact your brand's vision in every site and location. Alchemy's Ontrack platform measures and optimizes restaurant-related KPIs, including ticket average, speed of service, order accuracy, food safety, and more with:

  • Real time data that tracks, measures, & optimizes performance
  • Automated standard operating procedures & corrective actions
  • Two-way communications program that connects team members & management
  • Guest satisfaction surveys for actionable insights
  • Faster, better onboarding
  • Successful rollout & implementation of new menu items