What It Takes to Be the Best in the Industry

Training facilitators typically don’t have the luxury of a dozen award-winning designers, videographers, and animators on their team to help build their training courses. Or world-renowned subject matter experts at their beck and call to inform the course content. Or a team of curriculum professionals that have dedicated their lives to adult learning science. Or a review board comprised of safety, quality, and L&D professionals from several dozen manufacturing companies to review, vet, and test every course before deploying it.

Unless, that is, they partner with Intertek Alchemy. In which case, that training facilitator has all this and much more on their team.

Our Courseware
Development Process

Training isn’t just one of those things we do. It’s everything we do.

Our curriculum quality is unsurpassed because the rigor of our course development and review process is unsurpassed. It starts with subject matter expertise from Intertek Alchemy’s:

Courseware development team, comprised of 20 highly qualified professionals in curriculum & instructional design, graphics & production, and project management;
Content Expertise Board — a body of independent industry experts that work in the workplace safety, food safety, and learning & development fields — which reviews Intertek Alchemy training curriculum as it is being created to provide feedback, insights, and improvements;
Food safety consulting and workplace safety consulting teams, with a combined experience over 200 years in the field and countless credentials;
1,000 Intertek Alchemy clients who routinely deliver training content requests and feedback to their dedicated account manager;
Network of subject matter experts — both on staff and through decades of industry partnerships — who sit on industry boards, publish articles, speak at conventions worldwide….and help build Alchemy course content;
Regimented review process for course updates to ensure our training content keeps current with regulations, trends, and industry standards.

It’s Not Just What You Say,
It’s How You Say It

Training pedagogy and course construction are just as important as the content itself to ensure the greatest efficacy of training materials. The adult learning specialists on Intertek Alchemy’s team incorporate many proven best practices from learning scientists into every second of our courseware, including:

Micro learning bursts — each course is broken down into individual concepts with short durations that are strategically stitched together
Scenario and story-based structures are utilized to retain engagement
Adherence to effective image-to-word-count ratios
“Active learning” principles requiring learner participation at frequent intervals
Repetition and reinforcement strategies on key concepts to ensure learner retains knowledge
Patented remediation loops for learners struggling with certain concepts
Interactive gamification to keep learners engaged

Solutions Built For the
Industry, By the Industry

Intertek Alchemy collaborates with leading manufacturing companies to develop our courses and technology solutions. The Content Expertise Board works closely with Alchemy’s award-winning creative and instructional design teams to develop industry-specific courses and coaching materials that engage and resonate with frontline workers and supervisors. The Industry Advisory Council guides Alchemy’s technology development initiatives so that we can continue to serve the emerging needs of the industries we serve.