A Complete System to Drive Smart Action

It’s no secret. Optimizing employee performance is an uphill battle. These are just a few of the obstacles food companies face:

Alchemy Smart Action Wheel - Learning, Communications, Performance

37% of food workers and 43% of supervisors say training is too complex and difficult to understand1

80% of training is forgotten within 30 days
without reinforcement2

42% of food workers rarely or never receive coaching from their supervisor or manager1

Alchemy solves these challenges with integrated LEARNING, COMMUNICATIONS, and PERFORMANCE programs that equip your workers with both knowledge and confidence. Our programs get workers up to speed quickly, continuously reinforce critical concepts, and facilitate real-time, on-the-floor corrective actions and documentation.

Watch this video to see Alchemy’s programs deliver coordinated training, coaching, and reinforcement to improve worker knowledge and retention

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LEARNING to engage and transform

With Alchemy, you get more than just an award-winning courseware library. You gain the expertise of learning architects, designers, videographers, engineers, and illustrators with hundreds of years of combined experience — all aligned to deliver training that positively changes worker behavior.

Training Classroom Image
Get Food Workers up to speed quickly

DELIVER multi-lingual courses via group-based, eLearning, or kiosk modes

DECREASE time off the floor while increasing retention with short-burst micro learning

CUSTOMIZE existing courses easily or create your own with our tools

PRESENT an interactive experience using gamification and remediation loops

BE AUDIT-READY 24/7 with unprecedented tracking, reporting, and seamless HRIS integration

RELAX as our secure, cloud-based platform guarantees the integrity of your data

COMMUNICATIONS for knowledge retention and reinforcement

Best-in-class training is a must, but it’s just the first step. Alchemy’s communications program increases retention and accurate application through consistent and coordinated reinforcement. We combine digital, print, and interactive tools that complement each other with integrated messaging and imagery. Visually impactful, highly relevant materials ensure adherence to your key objectives.

FOSTER team interaction with huddle guides to cue supervisor-led discussions


Optimize your workforce

REINFORCE key messages from huddle guides with visually impactful posters


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DRIVE home desired behaviors with dynamic digital signage

PERFORMANCE for continuous improvement

Studies show that a combination of effective training and coaching with corrective observations improves frontline employee compliance to standards by up to 38%. Alchemy’s strategy and technology solutions enable supervisors to observe, coach, correct, and verify behaviors in real time. Our performance programs help you:

ENSURE SOPs and GMPs are practiced on the floor

DOCUMENT, photograph, and track corrective observations

PROVIDE prescribed remediation feedback and immediate sign-off

PROMOTE positive reinforcement and develop routine dialogue

SECURE and upload paperless records of all activity effortlessly

Use our industry-vetted observation templates, or create your own with our easy-to-use tools. Observations directly upload to an employee’s training record, automating documentation. Our system tracks and reports key operational activities from one secure location, practically eliminating data entry, saving time, and promoting 24/7 audit readiness.

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See Alchemy Coach, part of our performance solution, in action

Sources: 1Mind of the Food Worker Study (alchemysystems.wpengine.com/mindofthefoodworker); 2NIIT (www.niit-tech.com)


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